The Ocean's 8 Ladies Beat the Ocean's Dudes at the Box Office
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2018-06-11 20:54:28 UTC

Sorry, Brad, George, Matt, Don, and Andy. Ocean’s 8, the women-led spin-off of
the celebrity-studded and decidedly dudely heist franchise, has officially beat
out its predecessors at the box office.

The film, starring Rihanna and some other famous ladies, pulled in an estimated
$41.5 million during its first three days in theaters, according to The
Guardian. That trumps the opening-weekend figures for Ocean’s Twelve ($39.2
million), Ocean’s Eleven ($38.1 million), and Ocean’s Thirteen ($36.1 million).
Even controlling for inflation—and respective costs of the films—that’s a win.

As Guardian puts it, this “appears to be a victory for the commercial prospects
of Hollywood diversity.” So we have a financial argument for movie executives
not being sexist assholes! Except, well, we already had the financial argument.
As Scott Mendelson puts it at Forbes:

"Ten years after Mamma Mia!, nine years after The Blind Side, eight years after
Salt, seven years after Bridesmaids, six years after The Hunger Games, five
years after Frozen, four years after Fault in Our Stars, three years after The
Force Awakens, two years after Hidden Figures and one year after Wonder Woman,
movies like Ocean’s 8 shouldn’t be considered a surprise or a test case.

But maybe, just maybe, Hollywood executives will start to take notice.

The movie’s success can, at least in part, be attributed to women movie-goers:
69 percent of Ocean’s 8 opening-weekend viewers were women, according to Box
Office Mojo. And, considering that, it probably didn’t hurt that the director
decided to leave a cameo by Matt Damon—he of highly questionable opinions on
sexual assault, #MeToo, and diversity in Hollywood—on the cutting room floor.

2018-06-11 22:34:52 UTC
Watch this site for the REAL numbers. (If, that is, anyone really gives
a crap about the Oceans movies and which made the most money.)