Alec Baldwin returns as President Trump drinking Clorox in ‘SNL’ opener
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2020-05-10 16:58:58 UTC

Alec Baldwin returned as President Trump for the season finale of “Saturday
Night Live” — chugging Clorox while giving a college commencement speech by

In the cold open, Baldwin’s Trump was told he was the eighth pick for the
graduates’ speech, with preferred options Axl Rose, murder hornets and even X Æ
A-12, Elon Musk’s new baby with singer Grimes.

Just one student clapped as he appeared in a trademark “Make America Great
Again” hat” on their Zoom chat window, with the president telling them,
“Congratulations to the class of COVID-19.”

“I’m so honored to be your valedictator,” he told them, meshing “valedictorian”
and “dictator.”

The students soon started calling for White House coronavirus task force expert
Dr. Anthony Fauci to replace him, much to the fake Trump’s ire.

“Sure, everyone loves Fauci — don’t you hate when these elite medical experts
tell you what to do?” Baldwin’s president said, later insisting he was “the
world’s leading expert on infectious diseases.’

Baldwin’s Trump then made a dry cough — a key symptom of the coronavirus —
before chugging from a bottle of Clorox bleach.

“Good old invincibility juice,” he said, as the skit teased Trump for
questioning whether disinfectant could be injected into the body to kill the
coronavirus, remarks he later insisted were sarcastic.

The pretend Trump then tried to make a true motivational speech, telling the
graduates to “believe in yourselves and you can achieve anything” — noting that
he “started as the son of a simple, wealthy slumlord.”

“Surround yourself with the worst people you can find. That way you’ll always
shine,’ he told them, also advising them to just call anything they don’t
understand “stupid.”

“And live every day like it’s your last — because we’re gonna let this virus run
wild,” he told them.

“This virus that — remember — was started in a lab in Obama,” he said, naming
the former president in place of Wuhan, the Chinese city where the contagion

By the end, all but one of the students had switched off from his Zoom call.

“Wow, this crowd has thinned out faster than Adele,” Baldwin’s Trump said,
referring to the British singer’s dramatic weight loss.

Baldwin then transferred to the rest of the show by saying, “Taped from my home
one last time — it’s Saturday night.”

Hello Kiitty
2020-05-10 23:39:39 UTC
Post by Miloch
“I’m so honored to be your valedictator,” he told them, meshing “valedictorian”
and “dictator.”
The dimwit dems need jokes explained to them. Someone should explain to them
that THEY are the joke.