T.U.R.D. party sues Trump, Russia, WikiLeaks over 2016 email hack
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Obama T.U.R.D.s
2018-04-30 03:14:29 UTC
It's official, democrats are complete fools.

WASHINGTON — Taking a page from its response to the Watergate
break-in, the Democratic National Committee filed suit on Friday
against President Donald Trump's campaign, the Russian
government and WikiLeaks for allegedly engaging in a conspiracy
to damage the Democratic Party during the 2016 presidential race.

The DNC is seeking recompense for what it says was millions of
dollars in damages from Russia’s hacking of its internal emails,
which were then published by WikiLeaks, with the encouragement
of then-candidate Trump and his campaign.

The civil complaint, filed in federal district court in
Manhattan on Friday, is unrelated to the criminal investigation
led by special counsel Robert Mueller, as well as congressional
investigations into Russian meddling.

Mr. B1ack
2018-05-01 14:26:29 UTC
They will demand a trial in the most leftist-permeated
place they can find. Civil cases have almost zero
requirement for solid evidence ... it's more emotional
appeal. They'll put on a good show, preaching to the
converted, and then get back the gerrymandered
verdict they expect.

So, this needs to be blocked before it every reaches
that stage.

Mirror actions by the GOP against the Dems, intended
to play out in the reddest area of the country, may also
be required. Think of it as a legal "M.A.D." scenerio.