Round 2 of Sexiest Woman results (plus Wild Card Round)
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2018-07-24 16:25:41 UTC
The second round of Sexiest Woman of 2018 is already over, and here are those advancing to Round 3:

Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie--40%
Melissa Benoist, Julianne Hough, and Hailee Steinfeld--30%
Elle Fanning--6%
Victoria Justice and Demi Lovato--4%
Hilary Duff, Emily Ratajkowski, and Alicia Vikander--2%

Anna Kendrick--30%
Aubrey Plaza--22%
Kaley Cuoco--21%
Maria Menounos--7%
Jessica Alba and Kristen Bell--4%, 10 votes
Blake Lively--4%, 9 votes
Carrie Underwood--2%
Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, and Mandy Moore--1%

Alison Brie--59%
Katharine McPhee--29%
Ashley Greene--19%
Christina El Moussa, Elizabeth Olsen, and Emmy Rossum--11%
Tara Lipinski--6%
Olivia Holt--4%
Ashley Graham--3%
Priyanka Chopra and Alexandra Daddario--2%

But creating the starting field for Sexiest Woman is like choosing the teams for March Madness: Painstaking and time-consuming, but fun and exciting at the same time...all while making numerous modifications because you had 90 slots to fill.

So as always, we close out the first half with a Wild Card round featuring ten ladies I unfortunately left out, and they are (in no particular order):

Maria Sharapova
Skyler Samuels
Amy Adams
Amber Heard
CJ "Lana" Perry
Amanda Cerny
Amanda Seyfried
Rita Ora
Kelly Clarkson

Only one of these ten will join the remaining 33 when they do battle with Gal Gadot in Round 3 this fall (bringing it to 35); VOTE RIGHT NOW and find out whom!
2018-07-27 02:30:36 UTC
UPDATE: Amy Adams will be joining the others from the Wild Card with 79%, and it wasn't even close as Maria Sharapova (10%) and Kelly Clarkson (8%) couldn't catch her.

With that said, that concludes the first half of Sexiest Woman of 2018 or, as I like to call, the "quiet part." But rest assured that starting with Round 3, the battle for the title will intensify with every vote, and for your favorites, it's do or die. We have already seen surprises with Aubrey Plaza, Melissa Benoist, Elle Fanning, and even Tara Lipinski and Christina El Moussa; Priyanka Chopra is still in this after being completely shut out last year; and after coming SO CLOSE to making the finals also last year, will this year be the year for Anna Kendrick?

We'll answer that question and more as the second half gets underway on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24!!!

(By the way...I will make an announcement soon regarding Demi Lovato, and whether or not she'll still be in it for Round 3 (having tied with Victoria Justice at 4% in Round 2))
2018-07-27 13:51:20 UTC
ANOTHER UPDATE: I’ve just announced that in light of the recent news surrounding the overdose that almost killed her, Demi Lovato will be out for Round 3 and Maria Sharapova, who finished second in the Wild Card Round way behind Amy Adams, will be taking her place.

This is the second year in a row that health issues have affected Sexiest Woman; last year, I dropped Maria Menounos due to her brain tumor and Christina Milian was moved from the Leftovers to replace her.

We all wish Demi a full recovery, and hope that she’ll be in for Sexiest Woman of 2019 next year.