Anorexic Russian Instagram liar influencer found dead with stab wounds stuffed in suitcase at her own Moscow apartment
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Dave Cross
2019-08-03 06:45:52 UTC
Served the bitch right.

An Instagram influencer in Russia who amassed tens of thousands
of followers has been discovered dead, stuffed in a suitcase in
her own Moscow apartment days after posting vacation photos from
a trip to the Greek island of Corfu.

Ekaterina Karaglanova's body was found Friday after family
members contacted her landlord after not hearing from the 24-
year-old in several days.

When the landlord opened the front door of the apartment for the
24-year-old's parents, a large suitcase with Karaglanova's legs
sticking out was located in the hallway. The 24-year-old was
also reportedly wearing only lace garters and had stab wounds on
her cheek and chest areas.

The 24-year-old lived in an apartment on Pyryena Street in
Moscow for several years, where she attended medical school
before recently graduating in addition to running a personal
travel blog, Russian daily Moskovsky Komsomolets reported.

Last month she posted on Instagram the day she received her
diploma, writing "We did it! These 6 years have not been for us
an easy walk, but a real race for survival with obstacles."

Russian police told the news outlet they are investigating that
jealousy was a possible motive for the killing after the 24-year-
old recently started a new relationship with a "much older" man.
Karaglanova had a vacation planned to The Netherlands with her
new boyfriend to celebrate her birthday on July 30, MK reported.

Authorities also noted there were no signs of struggle or a
weapon discovered in the apartment.

In her final post on July 22, she wrote about how while she
likes to travel "often" she didn't like to spend any more than
three to five days in a location.

"But the impressions of such short trips remain the brightest,"
she wrote. "I remember in detail every trip, all beautiful
places, funny stories."

Besides her last trip, the 24-old would frequently share her
travels to Europe and the Middle East.

At the time of her death, the 24-year-old had 84,000 followers.

The 24-year-old's ex-boyfriend was seen on surveillance video
arriving at the apartment and then leaving several hours later a
few days before family noticed she was missing, the BBC reported.

Russian police told MK the ex-boyfriend may have fled to an
undisclosed location in Europe after her killing.

Oleg Smirnov
2019-08-03 10:34:30 UTC
Post by Dave Cross
Served the bitch right.
An Instagram influencer in Russia who amassed tens of thousands
of followers has been discovered dead, stuffed in a suitcase in
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