Heidi Klum showed us all how to HALLOWEEN
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2019-11-01 23:12:59 UTC
Heidi Klum just absolutely killed it with this amazing Hallowee
costume for 2019
From D
Heidi Klum is so into Halloween that Amazon gave her a liv
broadcast, where they rented out a store front in NYC, for people t
window shop, or watch her like the zoo exhibit she is, as she got int
her weird fucking costumebecause people dont have better things to d
than watch Heidi Klum get into her Halloween costumeget a fuckin
The best joke on her brand deal Halloween collab was from Howi
Mandell saying so no costume this yearwhat a dad joker with too muc
fucking money motherfuckera reminder that you didnt need to be a goo
comic 25 years ago to make it as a comic. If you dont believe me watc
Old Sandler on stage it is bad..but I guess so is new Sandler.
I would have been happier if he said you should see her pussycuz i
doesnt need a costume or the prosthetics to fit the costume. Shes old
has fucked a lot, has a lot of kids and Seal put it through th
fucking wringer with his girth/siz
I guess Heidi is pretending this is for Halloween, but it is reall
just an extension of the Nazi Germany eugenics program that made he
the superior human she isand this is just research into variou
technologies for her future host body when they figure out how t
download brainsas bodies wear outand you probably find this hot
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Chick Pelosi
2019-11-02 04:19:43 UTC
Heidi Klum just absolutely killed
her reputation by breeding with niggers.

She's not very good looking anyway.