Gene Kelly's ex-wife trashes his final wife
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2019-02-18 23:53:03 UTC
A NEW book by Gene Kelly's first wife, Betsy Blair, charges that his widow
robbed the Hollywood legend of his love for life and the love of his friends,
and that she stole from his children Kerry, Tim and Bridget.
Blair skewers Los Angeles socialite Patricia Ward Kelly in the prologue of her
just-released "The Memory of All That."
Calling Kelly's second wife Jeanne Coyne "a lovely woman," Blair notes she and
all of his children were close to Kelly - until he married Patricia Ward a few
years before his death in 1996.
* Kelly's "new young wife was welcomed by his children . . . sadly, she
betrayed him and them . . . She took a great deal away from him - first his
pride and then his joie de vivre. And in the end, she had most of his fortune."
* "After his first stroke . . . Kerry and Tim left messages [at the hospital]
of love and concern. They had the impression Gene didn't know about these
* "At the time of his second stroke . . . he was cut off from everyone
familiar: Lois, his secretary for fifty years, was no longer welcome in the
house; the locks were changed; there was a new housekeeper. His doctor, his
business manager and his lawyer were all fired and replaced . . .
* "Old friends who left messages received no calls back . . . Bridget was told
not to drop in, to make an appointment. In 1995 when I was in Los Angeles for
only three days, I had to insist that I too would not be stopped [from seeing
At that meeting, Blair claims, Ward insisted on having tea served by a maid.
"Even the Queen of England pours tea at her own table," Blair writes. At the
end of the meeting "Gene asked me to come back the next day and to bring our
friend Ted Reid." Ward later cancelled the meeting.
Blair writes, "Gene was deprived of everything towards the end. I cannot
forgive his widow, not because she got almost all of the children's
inheritance, but because I don't think he had the happy ending he deserved."
When Kelly died, Blair says his children were not allowed to stay at their
father's house for the funeral and "never got to say goodbye."
Ward Kelly didn't return calls.
Really, the kids should be getting all of his money, not some filthy gold digger who sniffs around a 71 year old at the end of his life.
2019-05-07 19:36:28 UTC
I completely agree. As for the previous post, I can’t see how she was able to isolate him from his family and friends. Being as she was young and headstrong and he was the opposite.
2019-10-26 01:45:49 UTC
What an evil woman she will know when her time comes that she will go as she came in with NOTHING
2019-10-26 04:29:07 UTC
Post by o***@gmail.com
What an evil woman she will know when her time comes that she will go as she
came in with NOTHING
Which one?...ex-wife or final wife?

2020-07-21 16:03:00 UTC
Final wife Patricua Kelly didn't wait for Gene Kelly's children to view their Father's body and say their goodbyes before she had him cremated. What an awful person she is.
Yes it is quite easy to do this when spouse is elderly and unwell.
Nobody likes her.
I wonder why?
She is now cashing in on his name and legacy.
Is there no justice?