Burt Ward's Greatest Feat on the 1966 Batman Show? Surviving His First Few Days on Set
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2018-03-30 03:34:25 UTC

Apparently it wasn’t only the bad guys who got biffed and pow’d on the 1966
Batman show.

Speaking to Syfy Wire in a lengthy interview, Burt Ward looked back fondly at
his time as Robin on the beloved Batman TV show, but with a surprising
acknowledgement: his time filming the show didn’t start off great. Not because
of onset drama or anything like, that, but because the show’s stuntwork and love
of pyrotechnics landed him in the hospital with some pretty gnarly injuries:

"It was a very dangerous show to make. I was in the emergency hospital the first
four of the six days of filming. [I had] second-degree burns, my nose [got]
broken by a two-by-four landing on it from explosions. Let me tell you
something, it was a lot of fun, it’s really very simple. It was a fantastic show
to do, everything was as great doing as you see it on television. The only two
horrible things: It was very dangerous and [I had] a costume that was not a lot
of fun to wear.

"Man was not built for tights.

Holy health and safety, Batman! Although there’s a certain charm to Ward putting
“getting blown up by explosions” and “I had to wear tights” on an equal level of
discomfort, thankfully his injuries didn’t end up being too severe. After all,
he’d spend a few more seasons getting attacked by Gotham’s finest rogues on the
show. You can check out the rest of the interview at the link below.

Alan Smithee
2018-03-30 23:47:11 UTC
Post by Miloch
He mentioned these events in "Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights" ... seems
pretty dangerous.

He also got laid... a lot... a whole lot! :-D