New Trump Appointee Has Denounced Liberal Democracy and ?Our Homo-Empire?
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2020-06-08 23:54:04 UTC
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Merritt Corrigan, USAID’s new deputy White House liaison, has condemned the
“tyrannical LGBT agenda” and celebrated Hungary’s right-wing prime minister as
“the shining champion of Western civilization”

A new Trump appointee to the United States’ foreign aid agency has a history of
online posts denouncing liberal democracy and has said that the country is in
the clutches of a “homo-empire” that pushes a “tyrannical LGBT agenda.”

In one post, Merritt Corrigan, who recently took up a position as deputy White
House liaison at the U.S. Agency for International Development, wrote: “Liberal
democracy is little more than a front for the war being waged against us by
those who fundamentally despise not only our way of life, but life itself.”

Corrigan’s new position in the Trump administration, confirmed by two officials,
has not been previously reported.

Corrigan previously worked for the Hungarian Embassy in the United States and
tweeted that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is “the shining champion of
Western civilization,” Politico reported last year. An embassy spokesman, Béla
Gedeon, said Corrigan left her position there in mid-April.

Orban, a far-right politician, has cracked down on civil society, academic
freedom and other liberties. USAID has recently partnered with Hungary to help
Christians in Iraq, a pairing that some career USAID officials said they found

Asked about Corrigan’s writing, acting USAID spokesperson Pooja Jhunjhunwala
said the agency has a “zero-tolerance policy of any form of discrimination or
harassment based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or any other
possible distinguishing characteristic that can define any of us.”

“All employees are held to the highest of standards and are expected to treat
one another with dignity and respect. Period,” she said. “This includes
political appointees, civil servants, foreign service officers and contractors.”

Corrigan did not respond to emails asking about her past comments.

Politico reported last year that Corrigan wrote on her Twitter account that “our
homo-empire couldn’t tolerate even one commercial enterprise not in full
submission to the tyrannical LGBT agenda.” Corrigan’s Twitter account is now

In October, Corrigan wrote an op-ed in The Conservative Woman, a London
publication, decrying “the false song of feminism” and calling for women to take
up traditional roles of mother, wife and homemaker.

“A woman today is expected by society to come to marriage and motherhood in
physical and spiritual decline, if ever,” she wrote. “This is the life women
have been offered by those who would rather us toil away as isolated economic
units for faceless corporations, far from the natural pleasures of the domestic,
far from the guardianship of a loving husband, and far from the life-giving
experience of motherhood.”

Corrigan’s biography on the website described her as a “conservative political
strategist.” She was on the payroll of the Republican National Committee between
2016 and 2018, according to campaign finance records.

Her stated positions put her directly at odds with the stated goals of her new
employer. USAID uses a “liberal democracy index” as one of its metrics in
deciding whether a country is self-reliant, and it has an entire office
dedicated to gender equality and women’s empowerment. The agency’s website says
it is working for a world in which LGBT people are “respected and able to live
with dignity, free from discrimination, persecution, and violence.”

Beirne Roose-Snyder, director of public policy at the Center for Health and
Gender Equity, said, “An appointee who eschews gender equality, meaningful
democracy and LGBTI rights cannot possibly fulfill the mission of USAID.”

Corrigan’s appointment is the latest example of the Trump administration
bringing in officials to USAID whose stated views put them at odds with the
agenda the agency says it promotes.

USAID’s new deputy chief of staff, Bethany Kozma, was previously an
anti-transgender activist who wrote in 2016 that transgender girls are boys
“claiming gender confusion.” Kozma was formerly a senior adviser for women’s
empowerment at the agency.

And last week, The Washington Post reported that a Tea Party activist with a
history of making and sharing anti-Islamic comments on his personal social media
profiles would be the agency’s new religious freedom adviser. News of the
appointment sparked criticism from Muslim groups in the U.S. and the
Anti-Defamation League.

2020-06-09 00:03:50 UTC
Post by Miloch
In October, Corrigan wrote an op-ed in The Conservative
Woman, a London publication, decrying "the false song of
feminism" and calling for women to take up traditional
roles of mother, wife and homemaker.
I didn't see Trump Appointee or Op-Ed Writer on that short
list of acceptable roles for women.
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