Many modern "musicians" are just Milli Vanilli frauds. But what would you expect of liberals?
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Generation of make-believe Obama frauds
2018-05-11 06:15:45 UTC
Watch some of the new retards playing that crap they call music.
All they're doing is hopping around like black or white apes,
waving their hands and screaming words of hatred as fast as they

If you watch their hands, they don't even have them on the
keyboards or guitars when the instruments are being "played".

There's no skill, talent or contribution to music.

It's all just noise and theatrics.
Mark Outrage
2018-05-13 07:47:17 UTC
in <***@dizum.com>,
Generation of make-believe Obama frauds <lying-pieces-of-***@sfchronicle.com> said:

(the usual 'eurasian' racial incitement and social enturbulation. forgot to drag jews and fags).

I miss the old days when I could just cancel this bullshit off of ASG and ACG.
They've been at this for at least 20 years, at some point you think they would have seen "Singin in the Rain".