Tina Turner skipped her mother's funeral
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2016-01-17 14:34:25 UTC
Well I think Tina did the best she could. Ad a mom myself its no way I would be close to anyone that was or is abusive to any of my children. Tina did share her wealth with her mom. That itself showed honor and respect.
2016-05-13 01:51:38 UTC
IN what appears to be the ultimate diva act, Tina Turner skipped her own
mother's funeral.
Though the sultry songstress fought back tears at a London TV recording as she
dedicated a song to mom Zelma Bullock - who died last weekend - she didn't turn
up in Los Angeles to bid her a final farewell, according to several sources.
The funeral for Zelma, 86, was Wednesday.
Just days before, her rock-legend daughter had been in the U.K. to film "Happy
Birthday Tina" for London's ITV.
During the taping, an emotion-choked Turner told the audience her new song,
"Talk From the Heart," from her new CD, "24/7," is a tribute to her mom.
But, while Turner reportedly was slated to fly home for the funeral, she never
made it to Forest Lawn Cemetery, sources told PAGE SIX.
Her ex, Ike Turner, and their son, Ronny were at the cemetery service, "but
Tina was a no-show," says our insider. Her rep, Luke Berland, did not return
repeated calls.
And, while Tina's family mourned in Los Angeles, Turner reportedly headed to
the south of France, where she has lived for years.
Meanwhile, Ike Turner, who stayed close to Zelma throughout his tempestous
marriage to Tina, was reportedly devastated by his former mother-in-law's
"She treated him like her own son," says a friend. "She was very good to him,
and he was very good to her. Her death was a great blow. He really loved
Ike, who reportedly helped shuttle Zelma's friends to her service and took care
of other funeral details, did not return calls.
However, he was apparently as flummoxed as everyone else by his ex-wife's
Tina also astounded some observers with how quickly she put Zelma's house on
the market.
Turner, who grew up a sharecropper's daughter in Nutbush, Tenn., bought the $1
million-plus Hollywood Hills spread years ago, and installed her sister Eileen
in the manse to help take care of Zelma.
But, says one source, "Tina wasted no time putting the house up for sale. It
was on the market by the end of the week, and Eileen was moved into a condo."
I could not be more pleased that she skipped her horrible mother's funeral. Karma, bitch...
2016-09-11 15:15:29 UTC
Her mother had to know that man was beating her!an was his friend!..but yet instead her mother told Ike where she was an left her wen she was a little girl..."don't forget ur family now"that lady wasn't a mother!! Good for u Tina...I wouldn't have shown up either!!
2017-11-28 18:12:23 UTC
Tina is such a dramatic diva. I didn't realize she slipped her own mother's funeral. Maybe she still resented her for putting her out when Tina became a teen mom. Ike took her in and raised her son as his own.
2019-02-12 22:39:26 UTC
I think it was an act of love on Tina's part (not sure her mother deserved it but...) and it obviously didn't work out that well.
But maybe Tina just wanted her mother to have that moment and for it to be about her, and not Tina (kinda like how her son's death has been treated)
Plus she deserved to be able to grieve away from the press.