Jeffrey Epstein was devising a plan to seed the human race with his DNA...
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2019-08-01 01:33:42 UTC
...by impregnating women at his New Mexico ranch and wanted to have his penis
and head frozen after he died

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*Jeffrey Epstein planned to have 20 women at a time impregnated on in Santa Fe
ranch, sources told the Times

•The moneyman claimed to spend $20 million a year on scientific research

•He was funding research to identify particles that trigger a feeling that
someone is watching you

•At one Harvard meeting, he slammed efforts to improve healthcare for the poor
because it 'fueled overpopulation'

•He met with a transhumanist (people who believe technology can help us overcome
our natural limitations) to discuss freezing his head and penis

Jeffrey Epstein hoped to leave the human race a few parting gifts after he died,
including his head, his penis and his DNA.

Multiple sources tell The New York Times that over the years, Epstein revealed
to scientists and close friends that he 'hoped to seed the human race with his
DNA by impregnating women at his vast New Mexico ranch.'

A NASA scientist who attended one of Epstein's dinners after he served time for
soliciting a minor said that the disgraced moneyman had based this idea on the
Repository for Germinal Choice.

That was a bank which had been created with the intent of only accepting the DNA
of Nobel prize winners, and ultimately closed down after getting a single

Some suspected that Epstein's dinners were a ploy to kick-start his plan,
gathering attractive college-educated women who he saw as candidates to carry
his offspring.

Epstein also told one person that upon his death, 'he wanted his head and penis
to be frozen' and donated to charities that supported transhumanism, the belief
that the human race can further advance and evolve using advancements from the
worlds of science.

Dozens of acquaintances - including one of Epstein's former defense attorneys -
told the Times this was all fueled by his veiled fascination for eugenics, the
idea that the human race could be improved through selective breeding.

Epstein mingled with the cream of the scientific community, and was heavily
involved in many scientific pursuits.

He called himself a 'scientific philanthropist', donating a rumored $20 million
a year, and hosting parties in the US and on the Virgin Islands, inviting stars
such as:
•Murray Gell-Mann, the Americanphysicist who discovered quark particles
•Stephen Hawking, the British physicist, for whom he build a custom-made
submarine so he could go under water on his private island
•Stephen J. Gould, evolutionary biologist
•Oliver Sacks, neurologist and author
•George M. Church, a molecular engineer dedicated to creating superior humans

Epstein funded a myriad of research units - both legitimate and dubious.

The paper trail is inconsistent: though such funding should be declared publicly
to the IRS, there are not records to cover all of Epstein's supposed gifts. But
he boasted about them in press releases put out by the Jeffrey Epstein VI

What is clear is that he funded:

•The revered Santa Fe Institute, which received $25,000 from Epstein in 2010
•MIT, which received $50,000 in 2012
•The Melanoma Research Alliance, which received an unspecified 'pivotal
donation' in 2012
•Princeton University
•Columbia University
•New York University
•Cornell University
•Pepperdine University
•Ohio State University
•Stanford University
•Rockefeller University
•Penn University

He also donated $20,000 to the Worldwide Transhumanist Association, the world's
largest transhumanist group, which now goes by Humanity+, and paid the $100,000
salary of its vice chairman, Ben Goertzel.

And according to the Times, one of his businesses, Southern Trust Company, was
'engaged in DNA analysis', though it is unclear in what capacity.

Epstein's generosity reduced some top-ranked scientists to wonder.

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2019-08-01 05:37:50 UTC
Post by Miloch
Multiple sources tell The New York Times that over the years, Epstein
revealed to scientists and close friends that he 'hoped to seed the human
race with his DNA by impregnating women at his vast New Mexico ranch.'
That's reminiscent of Charles Lindbergh who traveled to Germany a few
times to knock up a bunch of "superior" Aryan women, still he became an
American hero.