edell's anal vaginitis is acting up again.
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blood on pelosi's hands
2020-03-25 06:16:23 UTC
The Fox News
But but you asshole liberals say Fox News is no good. Now you're quoting

That's not very bright.
Rudy Canoza
2020-03-25 06:19:09 UTC
Post by blood on pelosi's hands
The Fox News
But but you asshole liberals say Fox News is no good.
He is quoting them saying bullshit. They *are* saying bullshit.
blood on pelosi's hands
2020-03-25 06:19:48 UTC
On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 11:56:52 PM UTC-4, Rudy Canoza
and edell had nothing useful to contribute. All they can do is whine like
the losers they have always been.
Rudy Canoza
2020-03-25 06:44:28 UTC
You seem to have missed the post from someone suggesting that getting 3,000
people into Hartung's cult church, inhaling clouds of coronavirus, would be
a good thing.
Yeah, he should do it. Mississippians are dumbfuck dumb enough to go along with it because they mindlessly believe God will shield them from any infection. But Hartung doesn't have the guts to do it because even he knows religion is stupid to practice with a large congregation if there's a good possibility of spreading the virus and he getting it himself. Or does he know that?
And you fucked yourself up your own asshole, as usual.

Fuck off.