Welcome to Megxit? A-Markle-lypse? Harry-geddon?
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2020-01-09 18:11:11 UTC

Did you hear? Some British royals have made a choice and some other British
royals are incredibly angry about it. As reported yesterday—called it!—Prince
Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, announced via Instagram
that they would be “stepping back” as senior members of the royal family,
whatever that means, and would instead focus on “carving out a progressive new
role within this institution.” That role, it would seem, involves moving to
North America and living more honest lives as paid members of the ruling class,
attending charity events and enjoying all the pleasures that wealth can bring
you. No wonder Prince William and Queen Elizabeth seem to be such haters about

Page Six reports, and I quote: “Prince Charles and Prince William were
“incandescent with rage” and the Queen ‘deeply upset’” following yesterday’s iOS
press release from the Sussex’s. Not only will the queen not let anyone wear a
dress that also doesn’t cover their ankles in some way, it would also seem that
unleashing chaos on the family’s imagined order is strictly prohibited. Sources
within the palace describe the Sussex’s exit as a “declaration of war,” although
that seems like a good thing, considering a bunch of rich people cannibalizing
their own family works out best for everyone involved. Other haters claim:
““This is a declaration of war on the family. Their statement was not cleared
with anyone. It breaks all protocol.” Seems fine to me!

Interestingly, Page Six also reports that everyone’s least favorite father,
Thomas Markle, is very sad that Meghan is carving her own way through the Royal
Family’s many, many, many, many traditions. In a statement obtained by Us
Weekly, he says: “ I’ll just simply say I’m disappointed.” I wonder why! It
probably has nothing to do with the minor notoriety he has achieved with selling
his daughter’s every secret to a press institution hell-bent on destroying her
life—that would be too extreme.

And let me just add: Prince Harry’s entire life has been spent hounded by the
press, who largely participated in the death of his mother for doing the same,
and all the while he lived mostly for free on his family’s excessive wealth and
the money of taxpayers. For hundreds of years, the monarchy has also held a
tight grip of power over those taxpayers—even if that power is largely
ceremonial. Now he is married, and the woman he loves is under attack from the
press, except unlike Harry or his mother, she is also subject to the racism of
the British public and elite, who are furious at her mere existence anywhere
near the House of Windsor. I won’t go far as to say I have sympathy for these
ex-monarchs, but I am human enough to acknowledge a set of choices made that
directly contradict the esoteric ceremonies and vast wealth that have kept the
Windors lodged within the fabric of British society for a century. His family
may be furious, and they may lose their standing in British society, but at
least when the revolution comes they won’t be stuck in some burning castle.
Canada seems a much nicer place to live out your incredibly wealthy life,
anyway! [Page Six]


2020-01-10 06:46:31 UTC
Down and Out in Frogmore Cottage.

The Queen wouldn't let them live in Windsor Castle like they originally
wanted and now she's "deeply upset" they're moving to Canada.