Lisa Marie Presley Accuses Ex of ‘Feigning Amnesia’ Over Postnuptial Agreement
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2018-08-01 22:43:42 UTC

Lisa Marie Presley is fighting hard to enforce the postnuptial agreement she and
her ex-husband signed — because it MASSIVELY favors her — claiming his “feigning
amnesia or ignorance” should be seen for the money grab that it is.

Presley and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Michael Lockwood, are set to appear in
court next month in their divorce battle. They will be arguing the validity of
the postnuptial agreement they signed in 2007, one year into the marriage.

According to new court documents obtained by The Blast, Presley is calling BS on
Lockwood’s claims that he was not aware of what he was signing, never read the
document, and was never explained the terms.

Presley says that Lockwood was “completely aware” of the terms of the deal, “was
completely represented by counsel” and “had the full and complete opportunity to
negotiate the Agreement.” She adds that she “did not gain an unfair advantage or
use undue influence to force the execution of the Postnuptial Agreement.”

In the court docs filed by Presley’s lawyer, Gary Fishbein, Presley lays out the
terms of the deal which are very much tilted in her favor.

The deal says there will be no community property created during the marriage:
meaning not only would Lisa Marie Presley keep everything she brought into the
marriage, but also anything she acquired during the marriage would be hers to
keep as well.

“All property owned or acquired by [Presley],” the docs state, “regardless of
whether it was acquired prior or subsequent to date of marriage, shall remain
the separate property of [Presley], and [Lockwood] shall have no interest

The postnup also states that neither side shall have the right to spousal
support “at any time, regardless of circumstances.”

Presley says she will show during the trial that Lockwood’s current contention
that he lacked the proper knowledge to make the deal is nonsense.

“So,” Presley’s attorney asks, “does this Court believe the word of [Lockwood]
who clearly has much to gain economically by feigning amnesia or ignorance, or
does this Court follow the language in the certification executed by an attorney
who had been practicing family law since 1956?”

Lisa Marie Presley — who is the sole trustee and beneficiary of the Promenade
Trust, which owns 15% interest in Elvis Presley Enterprises — was worth
$62,763,382 when the couple signed the postnup; Lockwood had a negative net
worth due to significant tax and other debts.

And here’s the kicker — Presley says before the marriage, she told Lockwood that
“she would not marry someone who would come after her for her money and
[Lockwood] assured her he was not that guy. So much for assurances.

The two are set to battle it out in court next month.

2018-08-02 12:35:04 UTC
Post by Miloch
In the court docs filed by Presley’s lawyer, Gary Fishbein, Presley lays out the
terms of the deal which are very much tilted in her favor.
One-sided contracts are often declared unenforceable, especially
regarding prenups for relatively long marriages.