White Supremacists Love Tucker Carlson, For Some Reason
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2018-11-29 18:58:35 UTC

White supremacists online absolutely adore Fox News host Tucker Carlson, data
reported by Buzzfeed shows. The research reveals that Carlson was mentioned on
prominent white supremacist website the Daily Stormer far more than any other
cable pundit over the last two years. According to the data, which was collected
by an independent researcher who wished to remain anonymous for fear of
retaliation, he was featured in a total of 265 articles on the site between 2016
and 2018..

From Buzzfeed:

"By way of comparison, Sean Hannity, considered President Trump’s most
rock-ribbed supporter on Fox News, was featured in 27 articles in the same time
period; Laura Ingraham, another Fox News host, in four; and Lou Dobbs, whose Fox
Business show frequently focuses on the alleged dangers posed by immigrants,
two. The researcher used subject tags, created by Daily Stormer to categorize
topics on its site, to arrive at the above numbers. BuzzFeed News was able to
independently verify the researcher’s work by using the same method.

Andrew Anglin, the Daily Stormer’s founder, is known to be a big personal fan of
Carlson’s work. He has called Carlson’s Fox News program “basically ‘Daily
Stormer: The Show,’” and described him as “literally our greatest ally.”

According to Buzzfeed, Daily Stormer’s website often repackages Carlson news
clips with pseudo-ironic, violent headlines:

"An April 2018 segment in which Carlson debated a Cuban American news analyst
over so-called cry closets for students at the University of Utah to de-stress
during finals became, on the Daily Stormer, “Tucker RAPES AND IMPREGNATES Crazy
Eyed Whore in a COLLEGE CAMPUS CRY CLOSET.” A February 2018 debate over gun
control became “Tucker FILLS Liberal Kike with LEAD for Demanding Gun Control.”

However, the site’s appreciation for Carlson seems to be sincere. “We meme a lot
about how Tucker Carlson is a violent hero of neo-Nazi White supremacists, but
he is likely actually /ourguy/,” one story read.

After Carlson brought tiny idiot pundit Ben Shapiro on his show, the Daily
Stormer wrote approvingly about Carlson’s development as a fellow traveler.

“Tucker has clearly become the fully awakened White man,” the anonymous author
writes. “Only the welfare of his folk concerns him… He’s articulate, coherent
and clearly stands on a solid bedrock of folkish fundamentalism.”

Carlson himself has brushed off associations with the far right and white
supremacists. In an interview with Playboy last year, he addressed the issue

“I don’t want to get into it, because it sounds disingenuous, but I’m 49 years
old and I don’t think I’ve ever met a white supremacist,” he told Playboy.
Carlson added that he didn’t believe “white nationalism is a relevant position
to the current debate. I don’t think I’m an extremist. I’m pretty moderate by

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Whites are not supremacist and Whites who are against White
Nationalism should move to a Black neighborhood and see how they like

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Post by Topaz
Whites are not supremacist and Whites who are against White
Nationalism should move to a Black neighborhood and see how they like
...oh lookie, everybody...'Jim Crow' is still alive and thriving in the mind of
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