Where are they now? Peter Lupus/Mission Impossible
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2017-07-24 00:11:58 UTC
Anyone have a current picture of Lupus?
Lupus was a constant in an ever-changing ensemble, but most fans remember the
core group: Peter Graves (who replaced Steven Hill after one season) as Jim
Phelps, the head of the IM force, Martin Landau as Rollin Hand, Barbara Bain as
Cinnamon, the late Greg Morris as Barney Collier, and Lupus. "Greg and I worked
together so well," Lupus remembers. "I used to say if I was in one more tight
spot with Greg, I was at least going to get engaged. I wouldn't look him in the
eye or we'd start laughing."
Lupus once heard Morris telling people on the set that Lupus was the toughest
guy in the world after Morris tasted Lupus' protein drink and spat it out
because it tasted so terrible. Lupus replied, "I like it." Drinking it himself
later, he realized that the thermos had cracked and the drink was putrid. "But
listen," he says, "Greg thought I was drinking it like that twice a day for
years." He never told him otherwise.
The Indianapolis, IN, native got into bodybuilding at an early age, winning the
titles of both Mr. Indianapolis and Mr. International Health. As a student at
Butler University, he says, "I was working out, and people were against it
because it tightened you up. Now everyone does it." He was cast in "Antigone"
by the college drama coach because the King needed to lift his dead son and do
a monologue at the same time. "I remember at the first performance, there were
a lot of women in the audience crying. I couldn't believe it." He changed his
major from education to drama and headed for Hollywood after graduation.
The 6'4", 235-pound strong man was discovered, like Lana Turner, at L.A.'s
Schwab's drugstore. "All my buddies hung out there," he says. "Telly Savalas,
Max Baer -- we played poker together. I was at the fountain, and a guy said,
'Where have you been? They're casting a movie.' Before I knew it, I was in an
office at Filmways in front of 15 people." The film was 1962's "The Three
Stooges Meet Hercules." Lupus didn't get the role, but he did get an agent, a
role in 1964's "Muscle Beach Party" and a contract to make he-man sword-and-
sandals movies in Italy. He did five films as Rock Stevens. "The studio had
some crazy names for me," he says. "Rocky Road was one."
He came back to the states after being cast in "Mission: Impossible." "What
most people don't know," Lupus says, "is that the show was taken off the
schedule at the end of the first year. But there was a board meeting at CBS,
and as everyone was leaving, William Paley, the chairman, said, 'And thanks for
bringing on my wife's and my favorite show, 'Mission: Impossible.' It was back
on the schedule the next day."
For the past four years, Lupus has been the spokesman for Karemor
International's Vitamist Spray Vitamins -- www.karemor.com. The products are
what he used to lift those 76,000-plus pounds. After an appearance on "Geraldo"
in 1996, when Lupus, looking much as he did in his "Mission" days, touted the
vitamins, the company received 14,000 calls. But the memory of the "Geraldo"
show he did with his former "Mission" castmates is a sad one. "It's the last
time I saw Greg," he says. "Marty, Barbara, Peter Graves and myself had our own
memorial for him."
In 1974, after "Mission," Lupus posed for "Playgirl" magazine in what proved to
be a runaway best-selling issue. "Burt Reynolds had done a nude photo for
'Cosmopolitan,'" Lupus recalls. "But his hand was bigger." He doesn't have a
copy of the magazine, "just the original equipment." The issue sold out in a
day in Chicago, three days in New York and three days in L.A. "You couldn't
believe the offers I got," he says with a shake of his head. "And women would
want me to sign the photo -- well, you know where they wanted me to sign. When
'Playgirl' had their 10-year anniversary, they said, 'We have shots we didn't
use -- please let us use them.' I said no, that's it. My sister told me if I
did another one, she'd commit suicide."
Today Lupus keeps up a tough workout and travel schedule. Besides Karemor
vitamin promotion, he works with the President's Council for Physical Fitness,
spearheaded by Arnold Schwarzenegger. As for acting -- the original "Mission"
cast was included in the first three drafts of the 1996 Tom Cruise big screen
"Mission: Impossible," and there's always a chance of appearing in a sequel.
Lupus lives in L.A. with his wife of 38 years, Sharon ("the only woman I ever
had more than four dates with"). His son, Peter Lupus III, recently turned 28
and is an aspiring actor.
Lupus values his memories of "Mission: Impossible" plus one more thing: "Three
billion people saw the series, and it still plays all over the world. To a lot
of people, I'm still 29 years old."
-- MARIA CIACCIA (pronounced "cha cha")
2018-09-01 22:08:27 UTC
What was unprecedented was how not shy Lupus was. He has a huge penis and was proud to display it. He even posed with a semi-erection in an open bathrobe. Too bad we never saw more photos. Peter's Playgirl centerfold is my all-time favorite. That cock!
2019-07-24 13:59:23 UTC
I still enjoy Lupus' centerfold. It was amazingly bold of him to stand there totally nude like that.