Fired Royal Prince Andrew Had to Spend Christmas Morning in Church With Mom
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2019-12-25 18:19:55 UTC

Prince Andrew, who was so bad at spinning his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein
he got fired from his public-facing “job” as a royal, didn’t get to do the big
fancy fun Christmas walk to church with the rest of his family. Instead, he had
to go to church early with Mom, a true punishment for Bad Sons everywhere.

Reuters reports:

He was filmed walking along a path with his brother Prince Charles to St Mary
Magdalene church near the Queen’s estate in Sandringham, eastern England in time
for a 9 a.m. service.

He did not join other members of the family walking along a road to the 11 a.m.
service - one of the staples of the royal calendar.

The Queen attended both services, which means Prince Andrew probably had to sit
next to her and make sure he didn’t cough too loud during the sermon, lest he be
shot down with a glare. Church without a photo opp? C’est terrible! And do not
forget that this hellfire damnation is thanks to Andrew’s disastrous interview
with the BBC in November, in which he unrolled a bunch of extremely
unsatisfactory explanations for why he kept getting photographed with Epstein
and claimed, equally unsatisfactorily, that he could not possibly have had sex
with accuser 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre because he was at a Pizza Express.

Now he has been banished the shadows, while the Royal Family trots out all of
the Queen’s cute great-grandchildren as a distraction. Although one grandchild
missed the Christmas walk, too—Baby Archie is spending Christmas in Canada with
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which will probably be a lot more fun for him,
honestly. [Reuters]


Alan Smithee
2019-12-25 23:27:28 UTC
Prince Andrew's "Epstein Scandal" Ruins Royal Christmas,

He's getting dropped by everyone. A public school in Nova Scotia wants
his name removed from its title.