Homosexual in Ohio Adopted Three Boys to Rape
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Adam Kornhole
2019-08-20 19:37:29 UTC
Yes, Gays Are Bullies

How many time do we have to say that homosexuals are often
paedophiles and that it is not safe to give them kids to adopt?

As if the case of Frank Lombard was not bad enough, here is
another one, from the state of Ohio.

TROY, Ohio —KENNETH BRANDT An Ohio adoptive father who pleaded
guilty to raping three boys in his care was sentenced Monday to
60 years to life in prison while still facing related charges in
a nearby county.

Miami County Judge Robert Lindeman followed the terms of an
earlier plea agreement for the 40-year-old man, who pleaded
guilty to six rape counts and agreed to cooperate with

Kenneth Brandt was charged with 31 counts of felony rape in
Miami County, where he had been caring for the three boys and a
girl in his home. Brandt had adopted all of the children except
for one of the boys, whom he was in the process of adopting.
State records show the children were from Texas and were placed
with him by a private Ohio adoption agency that is part of an
interstate compact to help match children with adoptive parents.

The children, aged 9-12, told police that Brandt raped them and
made them have perverted “sex” with two other men. He only raped
the boys…


County prosecutors agreed last month to drop 25 counts and
recommend the sentence of 60 years to life in prison in return
for the guilty pleas. “Weighing the recidivism and seriousness
factors, the court would agree with the recommended sentence and
order those sentences to run consecutively,” the judge said.

Lindeman said the adoptive father will get credit for nearly 10
months already served. If he is released, he would have to
register as a sex offender and keep law enforcement informed of
his whereabouts.

Brandt could have faced life in prison without the possibility
for parole. He still faces seven related charges including rape
of a child under 13 and complicity to rape in nearby Montgomery
County. A hearing is scheduled Thursday in Dayton on a possible
plea in that case.

Dressed in an orange jail jump suit with his wrists and ankles
shackled, the adoptive father was very quiet and showed little
reaction Monday. He declined to make a statement in court.

His attorney, Nick Gounaris, says he was pleased the judge
accepted the plea deal.

“The main reason was to insure that the children in this case
wouldn’t have to come in to court and testify, Gounaris said.
“As it relates to this case, we’ve accomplished that goal.”

Prosecutor Gary Nasal wouldn’t comment, citing still pending
cases, including the upcoming trial of Jason Zwick, who is
charged with raping one of the boys.

“It’s clear that one of his responsibilities is that (he’s)
going to testify in the Zwick trial for the state,” Gounaris
said of his client.

Zwick, 30, of Beaver Creek, is scheduled for trial Jan. 8 on
three counts of raping a minor under 13.

Another man is awaiting trial in Montgomery County on rape
charges which prosecutors say are related to the rape of a boy
under the age of 13 in meetings arranged by the adoptive father.

Patrick Rieder, 32, of Dayton, was indicted on four counts of
rape of a child under 13 and was later indicted on charges
including more than 40 counts of pandering sexually oriented
material involving a minor.

Associated Press writer Lisa Cornwell in Cincinnati contributed
to this story.

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pictures removed or have been entirely pulled from the web:-

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James Riske
2019-08-30 21:34:40 UTC
Post by Adam Kornhole
Yes, Gays Are Bullies
How many time do we have to say that homosexuals are often
paedophiles and that it is not safe to give them kids to adopt?
As if the case of Frank Lombard was not bad enough, here is
another one, from the state of Ohio.
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