Sammy Kershaw dumps wife for Lorrie Morgan
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2015-09-23 03:45:51 UTC
Married to George Jones?
2015-09-23 03:49:42 UTC
I don't think this relationship will ever last.
2018-09-12 22:11:36 UTC
A REKINDLED romance with Lorrie Morgan has busted up country star Sammy
Kershaw's 14-year marriage.
His angry wife Kim has filed for divorce and asked for a restraining order to
freeze Sammy's assets.
"Kim was devastated to find out her husband was seeing Lorrie whose own
husband, Jon Randall, filed for divorce in August," a source tells STAR.
"Trouble started brewing when they recorded a duet last year. During recording
sessions they were flirting heavily, and then they started turning up to each
other's concerts. And they were seen coming out of each other's tour buses at
weird hours."
Lorrie, 41, and 42-year-old Sammy fell in love as teenagers when they both
worked with George Jones. The hot romance ended long ago, but they kept in
"Word got back to Randall about it, and he started calling Sammy's band members
asking, 'What's going on with my wife and Sammy?' He was sick of being made a
fool, and now Kim is too."
Kershaw, who admits his two previous marriages crumbled because of his cocaine
and alcohol abuse, seemed to have settled down with Kim. They have two
daughters, Erin, 13, and Emily, 6.
"They were solid as a rock for a long time until Lorrie re-entered his life,"
says the source. "It ended up ruining both their marriages. Between them
they've been through seven marriages, so I don't know if they're in a hurry to
walk down the aisle again."
Lorrie was married to George Jones, bassist Ron Gaddis, the late country star
Keith Whitley and Clint Black's bus driver Brad Thompson. None of her marriages
lasted nearly as long as the union between Sammy and Kim Kershaw.
"Kim felt like she deserved better after 14 years of marriage -- and she wants
him to pay," the source says.
Lorrie Morgan has always been a whore. I think she's on marriage number 7.
2020-03-03 23:31:49 UTC
Sammy is an asshole
2020-03-04 01:12:19 UTC
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Sammy is an asshole
Original post was in 11/26/99 when Clinton was President, Dan-O...try to keep

Besides, have ya ever seen Lorrie in cheap boots with her skirt hiked up and
sitting on the toilet takin' a fuckin' shit?...just a reminder that Country is
NOT pretty!