Ray Sharkey and Elena Monica's AIDS
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2015-09-21 16:25:02 UTC
Was browsing through the trivia and ended up going from the Golden Globes, to
Idol Hunter, to Ray Sharkey, to this. It's an old 1995 article. Still pretty
interesting, though. Thought I'd share it.
From the Miami Herald.
The photographer is ready. Elena Monica gives her tumble of auburn curls a
quick shake, glancing into the floor-to-ceiling mirror, and settles onto the
edge of a sofa.
"Do I have to be serious?" she asks, feigning a scowl. "All the pictures make
me look like I'm suffering."
That's the way we expect people with HIV to look, of course: Wasted. Haunted.
Shadowed by doom. Nothing like Elena Monica, who could hop right back into the
Levis commercials or the Home Box Office movies she used to make, and no one
would be the wiser.
Still, the question can't be avoided.
"I'm not suffering," she replies. A half-second elapses. "Today."
She'd had her share already, and is realistic enough to anticipate more in the
But today is all about IFARA -- the International Foundation for Alternative
Research in AIDS she founded last year -- and the high-glam auction fund-raiser
she's planning on its behalf Tuesday, sday at China Grill on South Beach.
Her father, the durable comic Corbett Monica, who used to guest-host for Johnny
Carson on The Tonight Show, will emcee. Jack Nicholson, Gregory Peck, Michael
Caine, Steven Bauer and Shari Belafonte are expected.
IFARA is a nonprofit organization that Monica says will support research into
alternative and conventional HIV/AIDS therapies. The money raised Tuesday, sday
should fund IFARA's first grant, to be made in early 1996. Grants will help
investigate Chinese medicine, visualization and traditional treatments that may
be federally approved for conditions other than AIDS.
Monica, 30, moved from Southern California to Miami Beach last year because
"there are a lot of philanthropic dollars here that could go to the cause. And
(the) Miami (metropolitan area) has the third largest incidence of AIDS in the
"Then there's my quality of life . . . L.A. has become very oppressed. I was
very aware of the smog."
Learned she was infected Monica learned four years ago that she was infected
with HIV. It was clear who'd given it to her, even though he swore he couldn't
have: Ray Sharkey, the Wiseguy star whose AIDS death in 1993 shocked nearly
everyone in Hollywood . . . except Elena Monica.
Ray Sharkey's daughter just arrested for murder

Dirk Hammerschlong
2015-09-21 20:07:18 UTC
Interesting read. I remember Ray Sharkey as a wise guy.
2019-01-18 06:38:24 UTC
Elena Monica is doing so much well.
Is a slap in the face of those who thought HIV were a death sentence, even though she almost died from AIDS.
She never took AZT for what I saw in a earlier interview, I think Magic Johnson had the same treatment as her.
Its really sad about Ray Sharkey daughter outcome.
How was she raised?