Secret Girlfriends of U.S. Presidents No One Wants You to Know About
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1. Kay Summersby
There were rumors that Dwight Eisenhower had an affair with Summersby, one of
his aides, during the final years of World War II. While they both denied having
a relationship at first, Summersby published a book years later — while she was
dying of cancer, no less — that the affair was real. In 1991, the New York Times
reported that revealing love letter between the two were being sold at auction.

2. Judith Exner
Unlike some mistresses that wanted to stay out of the spotlight, Exner had no
problem with divulging on her affair with President Kennedy. One writer tells
People that First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was not surprised when she heard about
the affair, and was allegedly so fascinated by it that she would read gossip
columns about Exner.

3. Sally Fairfax
While historians have recently revealed that Martha Washington was possibly a
bombshell, that didn’t stop her husband from having feelings for other women.
Like so many presidents would after him, George Washington wrote lengthy love
letters to another woman. The lady this time around was Sally Fairfax — who was
married to one of Washington’s close friends. Their correspondence was
reportedly brief, as Fairfax didn’t give much indication that she was

4. Carrie Phillips
Warren G. Harding had plenty of mistresses — and was allegedly one of the most
unfaithful presidents — but Carrie Phillips was one of his most infamous. (The
discovery of steamy love letters written between the two of them is responsible
for that.) When Phillips threatened to go public with the affair, members of the
Republican party paid for her and her husband to take a trip to
Asia and stay out of sight.

5. Monica Lewinsky
In the late 1990s, then White House intern Monica Lewinsky was transferred to a
job at the Pentagon. There, she confided in a colleague that she had sustained a
fling with then President Bill Clinton. Word got out about the affair, which
Clinton firstdenied. After coming clean about his relationship with Lewinsky,
the House of Representatives voted to have Clinton impeached. The Senate
acquitted him.

6. Lucy Mercer
As Listverse speculates, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s affair with his wife’s
personal secretary, Mercer, may have spawned many affairs for both of them
within the White House. Instead of divorcing, First Lady Eleanor grew a tough
exterior and demanded that the two never share bed again. It’s alleged that
Eleanor later took up with seeing reporter Lorena Hickock, while FDR himself was
having an affair with assistant Missy LeHand.

7. Nan Britton
Even before his affair with Carrie Phillips had concluded, President Harding had
begun a fling with a woman 30 years younger than him named Nan Britton.
According to Listverse, Britton gave birth to a baby girl and Harding had Whit
House Secret Service hand deliver child support payments to her.

8. Mary Peck
Woodrow Wilson began a long-standing correspondence with Mary Peck after taking
a trip without his wife to Bermuda, before he was even president. Rumors of
their incessant letter-writing — and developing romance — made it’s way back to
Wilson’s wife Ellen, who was devastated by the affair. Ellen died and Wilson got
remarried, but his correspondence with Peck continued.

9. Lucia Calhoun
Of all the stories of presidential, James Garfield is one of the craziest. His
wife Lucretia became aware he was having an affair while they were engaged in
the late 1850s. Garfield swore that he would be devoted to his marriage vows —
but that didn’t stop him from starting a liaison with an 18-year-old reporter
named Lucia Calhoun.

10. Almeda Booth
President Garfield got himself into more trouble with his wife when she
discovered that he was carrying on more than one extramarital affair behind her
back. After finding love letters between Garfield and Lucia Calhoun, the
president reportedly broke down and confessed to also courting a college student
named Almeda Booth.

11. Grace Cross
By now you can surely telling that Warren G. Hardings presidency was peppered
with scandal. But his pension for women allegedly started long before his
presidency. Many of his long-standing affairs came to light when he locked in
the presidential nomination in 1920, including a relationship with typist Grace
Cross. Her courtship with Harding while he was a Senator was often violent, once
resulting in her cutting his back with a knife and bragging to the public that
she could identify his “birthmark”.

12. Alice Glass
According to Lyndon B. Johnson himself, he allegedly “had more women by accident
than Kennedy ever had on purpose.” One of his most well-known “girlfriends” was
Alice Glass, the wife of one of his biggest supporters. Per Listverse, Johnson’s
wife was aware of the long-standing affair and began wearing makeup and more
scandalous clothing to compete.

13. Madeleine Brown
LBJ had so many women in and out of his life, that his wife even walked in on
him having sex with a secretary in the Oval Office. Most of the alleged other
women kept quiet about their relationship with the president. Well, except for
Madeleine Brown, who claimed to have had a 21-year affair with LBJ and that he
set her up in an apartment and gave her money.

14. Jennifer Fitzgerald
As Listeverse explains, this is one U.S. president’s alleged girlfriend that is
hard to prove. Rumors swirled ahead of George H.W. Bush’s presidency that he had
an extramarital relationship with Fitzgerald, a political aide. However, claims
about secret liaisons have been largely refuted by the Bush family, and no
conclusive proof has ever come to the table.

15. Marilyn Monroe
The funny thing is, there really isn’t concrete evidence out there that JFK and
Marilyn Monroe had an affair. The two did meet on several occasions, and there
are reports that he asked once asked her to go on vacation with him alone.
Beyond that there’s only speculation — well, that and her singing him “Happy

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