Skeeter's shitty single wide run down Colorado mobile home still has tires on it
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2020-10-11 16:39:23 UTC
Drug addled trailer trash pissbum Tony Eaks says...
Says cowardly Fran. Typical Aussie.
Why do you hate Aussie's so much, pissbum?
Because they eat shit.
So does Neal Warren aka Homer Hall when he socks up as
fake vet Colon Eddie Burke, some call him Scatboi:


He's also an admitted child molester:


Kneel Warren is your pal Skeeter's buddy, so that makes you
a cock sucking shit eater by association, wankstain.
2020-10-11 17:56:31 UTC
In article <***@4ax.com>,
Drug addled trailer park pissbum Tony Eaks aka Skeeter says...
On Thu, 8 Oct 2020 22:03:50 -0000 (UTC), Julian Macassey
On Thu, 08 Oct 2020 12:32:50 -0400, Sir Hømer Hall, Esq.
Doesn't everybody hate those 'roo fuckers?
Actually no. The Aussies are rude, crude and socially
unacceptable, but they have bigger balls than Seppos.
It takes big balls to fuck roos I guess.
It takes little balls to be so afraid of Aussie people, pissbum.

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