San Francisco reporter details 'disaster' of city's 'hotels for homeless' program: 'It is pandemonium'
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Leroy N. Soetoro
2020-07-16 03:49:48 UTC

'You are talking drug-fueled parties, overdoses, deaths, people are being

Thousands of homeless people have been housed in several of San
Francisco’s empty hotels in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.

However, City Journal contributor Erica Sandberg told "Tucker Carlson
Tonight" Wednesday the policy has been an "absolute disaster"

"It's solving exactly nothing and as a matter of fact, it's making all the
problems worse," said Sandberg, who described the scene inside the hotels
as "about as bad as you can imagine, only exponentially worse."


"You are talking drug-fueled parties, overdoses, deaths, people are being
assaulted. You have sexual assaults going on, it is pandemonium," she
said. "It is extremely bad and it needs to stop."

City officials reportedly secured close to 5,000 rooms at several city
hotels that signed up to house homeless and other members of at-risk
populations who need to quarantine or socially distance themselves.

Controversy ensued after a report alleged that the city was providing
alcohol, marijuana, and methadone to homeless addicts residing in the

"The people who are assigned as disaster workers, these people have been
librarians," Sandberg told host Brian Kilmeade. "They are just paper
pushers, administrators who are reassigned to these hotels and what they
are telling me is beyond the pale.

"They are not just horrified, they are traumatized by what they see. You
have mattresses that have feces on them, blood, hospital bands on the
floor. What people are seeing is so horrible that they walk out and they
say, 'I don't want to go back in there.'"

Meanwhile, Sandberg said, city officials are "trying to put this kind of a
Band-Aid on it and pretend it's not happening.

"Oh, it's happening," she added, "and it's worse than people imagine."
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