Democrat cop accused of using GPS device to stalk estranged wife
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Pelosi pooped on Chuck
2019-11-18 09:06:54 UTC
It was a different kind of Sting operation.

A New Jersey cop channeled The Police’s “Every Breath You Take”
when he watched every move his estranged wife made — by slapping
a GPS monitor on her car, prosecutors announced.

Hackensack Police Lieutenant Richard Levis, 48, was hit with a
summons Jan. 7 after an investigation by the Bergen County
Prosecutor’s Office and the Oakland Police Department revealed
the hubby was secretly keeping tabs on his wife.

He is charged with burglary and stalking, and expected to appear
in Central Judicial Processing Court in Hackensack on Jan. 23.

Levis was hired by the department in 1996 and has a salary of
$168,416, a public records database shows.

He was put on leave but will still collect his salary, according
to a Hackensack Police spokeswoman.

Pelosi pooped on Chuck
2019-11-18 09:52:19 UTC
A homeless man attacked two children — a 16-year-old girl and
her 9-year-old brother — with his fists and a piece of wood in a
Brooklyn public housing project, police said.

“They were in the lobby waiting for a bus,” a police spokesman
said Tuesday. “Then all of a sudden, he just attacks them.”

Charles Matthews hit both siblings in the head at about 7 a.m.
at 869 Flushing Ave. in the Bushwick Houses, cops said.

The victims were hospitalized with minor injuries.

The suspect then attacked a 42-year-old woman in another
building in the same housing complex minutes later, cops said.
Her condition wasn’t immediately known.

Matthews, who was captured on video at the scene wearing a
yellow shirt, ran off after the attack, but was caught by cops a
few blocks away on Broadway near Park Avenue, authorities said.
He was arrested on charges of assault, endangering the welfare
of a child and criminal possession of a weapon.