Sexiest Woman of 2019 final results: IT'S OLIVIA HOLT IN AN UPSET!!!!!!
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2019-11-28 00:34:14 UTC
The final round of Sexiest Woman of 2019 was slated to be the one in which Lea Michele was going to run away with it like the wind after last year's loss to Allison Janney...but in the end, it was former Disney Channel star Olivia Holt who prevented her quest for a second title this year. Here are the final results:

Lea Michele--19%
Amy Adams and Melissa Benoist--16%
Hailee Steinfeld--10%
Julianne Hough--7%
Sophia Bush--4%
Kate Beckinsale--3%
Alison Brie--2%
Allison Janney, Brie Larson, Margot Robbie, and Ariel Winter--0%

Congratulations to Olivia Holt, who scored the biggest upset in this poll's 20-year history and at age 22, is the second youngest winner behind only Britney Spears (our first in 1999 when she had just turned 18).

Thanks to the thousands of you who've voted all throughout this poll; can't wait to do this all over again next summer for Sexiest Woman of 2020. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!
2019-11-28 17:36:59 UTC
Well...apparently, I made a mistake early in the final round.

When I knew Lea Michele was leading so much, I took off most of her votes, which allowed Olivia Holt to play catch-up. I should’ve not done that, so I put those votes back in which means Lea does get her second Sexiest Woman title after all, 24% to Holt’s 22%; the rest of the final results remain the same.

Lea deserved to win Sexiest Woman of 2019 as her year was headlined by her marriage to Zandy Reich and her Christmas album already putting Mariah Carey’s to shame. Will she go for a three-peat? We’ll still find out next summer, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!