Cindy Landon's life after Michael's death
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2016-09-09 22:25:57 UTC
Did anyone else see the pics of Cindy and think " bad facelift" or is it just
As in with Little House it was said they didn't want to pick a wife for the Charles character that was prettier than Michael Landon although I think Karen Grassle is quite stunnning. It appears Mike Landon in his personal life continued that concept because it is only his first wife who had a definite 'cute look' about her. The other two needed lots of work and for the latter it didn't appear to work out well for her.
2018-07-01 16:03:38 UTC
     It's been more than six years since Michael Landon died of cancer, leaving
his loving widow Cindy, 44, to raise their two young children alone.
     Since then, she's shunned the spotlight, preferring to live a quiet life
in the Malibu love nest she and Michael built. But Cindy has finally broken her
silence to talk to STAR about life without her soulmate and the challenge of
being a single parent to Jennifer, 14, and Sean, 11.
     Q: How did you cope with your loss?
     A: We did a lot of traveling - and still do. We even lived for a while in
the south of France. Michael demanded that we go on and live life as an
exciting adventure, to live it to the hilt like he did, and that's exactly what
we've tried to do.
    Q: Did you ever consider selling the house and starting anew?
    A: I used to, because the memories here were almost too much to bear.
    Q: What made you change your mind?
    A: Well, now the memories are comforting, to be enjoyed. I was madly in
love with Michael for 14 years, and still think of him every day. My memories
now are warm and enduring, without the tears.
     Q: How are Jennifer and Sean coping?
     A: When we see Michael in re-runs on television they're happy and proud of
their dad, not sad.