Is Barack Obama A Closet Pedophile?
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Rudy Giuliani and Alan Placa: "Mayor Morality" and the PEDOPHILE PRIESTS

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With the above references you can read in depth about priestly pedophilia
and its ties to a rather hypocritical Presidential candidate. Giuliani's
close association with and promotion of criminal cop Kerik is a better known
issue, as are his adultery and family estrangements, but these are less
deeply indicative of Giuliani's moral bankruptcy than his relatively unknown
Placa connection.

Alan Placa and Rudy Giuliani were high school buddies, and they remained
close friends through College. Post-college, Placa went to the Seminary, and
Giuliani to law school. After he was ordained, Placa attended law school
too. Eventually he became a Monsignor in the Diocese of Rockville Center on
Long Island, and Giuliani went to Washington in Reagan's Department of
Justice. When Giuliani wanted an annulment of his first marriage - to a 2nd
cousin, a union normally frowned upon by the Catholic Church, Placa did the
job - after being best man at their wedding!

Monsignor Placa got into considerable trouble in the late 1990s when accused
of sexually abusing two minors that could not sue him or the Diocese because
the five-year statute of limitations was long past. When the story broke
Monsignor Placa came up in several parts of it. While serving on Long Island
he had developed a legal strategy for dealing with sex abuse complaints.
This involved having an "intervention team" meet with family members and the
abused, without revealing that Placa was indeed the Diocese lawyer on such
matters. Placa took great pride that in cases that if litigated might cost
the Diocese millions, he could frequently manipulate the situation and get
them off for a few thousand. Of course the Monsignor was flying a false
flag - he was not a spiritual counsel, he was the Bishop's lawyer. He
traveled the country teaching Bishops this evasion technique, with about 200
successful cases outside his own Diocese.

In the 1980s, the preferred method of dealing with Priestly Pedophilia was
to send the black-collared child molesters off for "therapy." There were
several institutions available, one being a huge fraud called the House of
Affirmation run by a Father Thomas A. Kane. Kane lied about his degrees in
psychology, but that was only found out later. In the meantime he acquired
lots of high-grade real estate, and when he was about to go under, he
transferred to Placa titles for property in Massachusetts and Florida, among
other assets. The transfers were not discovered for years.

When this story was all over the papers in 2002, Suffolk County Long Island
had a Grand Jury review the situation with the Rockville Center Diocese, and
while they could not charge Placa because of the statute of limitations,
they issued a report about his "intervention team" manipulating victims and
their families, and the allegations of his abuse of two teens. As a result
Monsignor Placa was suspended from the priesthood and essentially defrocked.
He was allowed to say one public Mass however - at Giuliani's Mother's
funeral, causing the event to be picketed by sex abuse victims! When the
Grand Jury was trying to serve Placa with a subpoena, Giuliani hid him until
the term was out - a probable obstruction of justice by former U.S. Attorney

Placa is today an extremely close Giuliani friend and associate, despite
being credibly accused of sexual molestation and, perhaps worse, using the
system to cover up his and other abuse cases. The story goes back to a 2002
Newsday article about a January 1975 day when a teenager, Richard Tollner,
volunteered to help make banners for the annual Right to Life march in
Washington. According to the story, the student claims Monsignor Placa
pulled out some posters in the deserted administrative area as if to show
him something, and then began fondling him - all the while making
conversation about the posters.

Tollner said the incidents were repeated every month or so for the next year
and a half. "It was always groping," he said. "He'd draw his hand
deliberately to the inside of my thigh, and over my penis. It would go on
for four or five minutes, sometimes as long as ten."

Placa denies any wrongdoing and has never been formally charged with a
crime. But it is also true that the Diocese of Rockville Center has removed
him from wearing the collar and performing official duties.

It should also be noted that a Grand Jury report paints a devastating
picture of sexual deviancy and criminality in his Rockville Center Diocese.
According to the National Catholic Reporter:

"The report documents allegations of the rape of cheerleaders and altar
boys, of acts of molestation and seductions in churches, rectories, on
camping trips, and in the homes of the minors who were abused. It tells of
instances in which priests provided minors with pornography and alcohol, and
of cases in which the Diocese received allegations but didn't report them to
the police, but instead transferred the accused priests to other parishes."

In the Suffolk County Supreme Court Grand Jury report, Placa, by his own
admission, is referred to as "Priest F," a priest who engaged in pedophilia.
Even after the grand jury testimony, Giuliani stood by him. In another 2003
New York Times article, Placa described the zero-tolerance sex abuse policy
on priests as "immoral and unchristian." Apparently, in Placa's mind, Christ
condoned such perversions. Judging by his loyalty and support, Presidential
candidate Giuliani, proven transvestite and adulterer, does likewise.

Additionally, the 2002 Newsday story included a quote from Kevin Waldron, a
fellow high school friend who corroborates sex abuse victim Tollner's story,
saying Tollner told him of the events after they happened. The Newsday story
goes on to report:

"A second former student, who asked that his name be withheld, said he
described to Suffolk prosecutors what he called 'the newspaper drill.' 'He
(Placa) always had a New York Times in his office. And he'd sit down next to
you on the couch and open it wide and, inevitably, his hand would brush your
crotch.' 'He did it over and over again, I can't tell you how many times.'
That man said he felt so violated that he wrote Placa an unsigned letter 20
years later, blaming him for his loss of interest in pursuing the

Despite all these allegations, Giuliani hired Placa right after all this
went down, and based on news reports and a call to the Giuliani Partners
office, he remains with him today. And as the New York Times reported in
2002, even amid these strong allegations Giuliani jumped to Placa's defense
saying: "He's one of the people I admire most in the world, and if most
people did half the good that Alan's done, the world would be a wonderful
place." Yes, in Giuliani's world, and in America under his Presidency, child
molesters would run free to prey upon minors, they would protect each other
through religious organizations, and criminals would head police departments
and the Department of Homeland Security. And thus, under Giuliani's rule,
"the world would be a wonderful place."

Every bit of this has been reported over the years in Newsday, the NY Times,
and in books by Jason Berry. You can find the articles, as well as the Grand
Jury report, archived at www.bishop-accountability.org/. The Times
front-paged it when Giuliani hired Placa for his consulting firm.

So why did Giuliani defend and hire the unsavory Alan Placa? Is this his
version of Affirmative Action? We know he recommended his buddy, criminal
cop Kerik, to George W. Bush for heading up Homeland Security. And two-faced
Giuliani, the closet neo-con, is now flip-flopping on the abortion issue,
among others. He tries to curry favor with pro-choice advocates but as
President would probably sabotage women's rights through judicial appointees
that would overturn Roe vs. Wade. If Giuliani is elected we could well see
pedophile priest-lawyers that oppose abortion on "moral grounds" sitting on
the Supreme Court!

And why the lack of media attention to all this today? Suppose John Edwards,
Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton had given a cozy sinecure to a defrocked
priest credibly accused of pedophilia. What would occur? I'll tell you
what - every newspaper reader, every radio listener, and every television
news watcher in America would be discussing the matter the very next day.
But I'll bet you're learning for the first time right here about Giuliani's
de facto defense of child abuse and staunch support of his probable
pedophile priestly pal.

Aside from his moral issues, do we want a President of the United States
whose definition of freedom is:


- Mayor Giuliani, quoted in the New York Times, March 17, 1994.
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Of course obama is a pedophile.

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You people are getting dumber by the minute. The election turned you
into a bunch of drooling morons last November and you've been steadily
losing ground ever since.
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Obama likes little boys.