CNN’s extremist leftist Ana Navarro lashes out when pro-Trump pundit calls her a 'leftist'
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Rob Woodward
2019-01-13 06:36:32 UTC
CNN commentator Ana Navarro took offense on Wednesday night when a
pro-Trump panelist suggested she was part of “the left," in a bizarre
exchange in which she filed her nails amid the heated discussion.

The panel was discussing Donald Trump Jr.’s earlier Instagram post
saying, “You know why you can enjoy a day at the zoo? Because walls
work." He then deleted the post after critics accused him of comparing
migrants to animals.

Navarro, a former GOP strategist who has become an outspoken
anti-Trump TV pundit, ripped into the president’s eldest son, to whom
she referred as an “entitled, rich, spoiled, little brat whose only
claim to fame is being his daddy’s son,” adding that “Fredo” didn’t
make the cut to serve in the Trump administration like Ivanka Trump
and Jared Kushner.

She also accused both President Trump and Trump Jr. of “demonizing”

Steve Cortes, a former campaign advisor to then-candidate Trump,
accused Navarro and “the left” of “giving a “sleight of hand” to the
American people for lumping the president’s attacks on illegal
immigrants with legal immigrants, something Navarro took exception to.

“I have asked you in the past and I will ask you again today to stop
referring to me as ‘left.’ Let me remind you that I was a Republican
when Donald Trump was a Democrat!” Navarro exclaimed.

“You’re a very leftist Republican,” Cortes shot back.

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“I was a Republican when Donald Trump was an Independent. I was a
Republican and was supporting Republicans when Donald Trump had
Hillary and Bill Clinton at his wedding and was giving Nancy Pelosi
money,” Navarro continued. “So the fact that people like you have
enabled Donald Trump to take this party hostage and change and give up
and compromise conviction and principles, Republican[s] that I grew up
with, does not make me left! I fled left! I fled communism!”

At one point during the heated exchange, Navarro took out a nail filer
and began to file her nails while rolling her eyes at Cortes' remarks.

“So if you want to talk about left, you can do whatever you want, but
the fact that I do not kowtow to Donald Trump does not make me left!”
Navarro shouted.

Cortes doubled down telling Navarro that if she “opposes the
conservative policies of this president” that she is “de facto a

“He is not a conservative. Do you think tariffs are conservative? Do
you think having sex with a stripper is conservative values?” Navarro
asked. “Do you think cheating on the stripper with a Playboy bunny is
conservative values? Do you think trade wars is conservative values?
Do you think pulling out of Syria is conservative values? Give me a

“I think constitutional judges and tax cuts and sovereignty over our
country between our borders, those are absolutely conservative
values,“ Cortes responded.

Navarro later slammed “President Loco” for his primetime address,
claiming he was “trying to pin brown and black versus each other.” But
it didn’t take long for Cortes to revive his “leftist” attack against
her, insisting she supports liberal policies like sanctuary cities.

“Listen, I don’t care. I don’t care what you call me,” Navarro

“You sure seem to care!” Cortes shot back.


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Post by Rob Woodward
She's a registered Republican, you dolt.
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Post by Rob Woodward
She's a registered Republican, you dolt.
Don't confuse Woodrow with the facts...