Congrats to Newlyweds Ellen Page and Emma Portner
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2018-01-04 01:11:57 UTC

Oh, this is nice! Ellen Page announced on Instagram that she’s married her
girlfriend, Emma Portner. Ellen and Emma. A cute couple:

Who is Emma Portner anyway? Like Page, she’s Canadian. (Ottawa, in case that
matters.) She’s a professional dancer and choreographer. If we believe Instagram
(and I think in this case, we do), she’s really talented!

According to a profile in The Cut:

"The way Portner moves has transfixed the dance world. In the past few years
alone, she’s choreographed and starred in Justin Bieber’s music video for “Life
Is Worth Living” as well as a piece on his Purpose World Tour; founded her own
dance company — first named Flock’d, now called Emma Portner and Artists — in
New York City; conceptualized a music video for indie artists Blood Orange;
taught classes in New York, Los Angeles, and her native Canada; and become the
youngest woman to ever choreograph a musical — Bat Out of Hell, which premieres
in Toronto October 14 — on London’s West End.

According to the Cut, Emma and Ellen met via Instagram—after Portner posted a
video that featured a song by Sylvan Esso, Page DM’d her. Page began posting
photos of the two together over the summer, thus confirming their romance.

Another thing we know from Instagram is that the two regularly dance together,
which is, again, extremely cute.

2018-01-04 07:33:21 UTC
Any chance of a video of these two whores sucking on each others anus ?