Homosexual pedophile Disney actor fired for trying to hook up with 13 year old boy
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Leroy N. Soetoro
2018-12-26 18:25:25 UTC

An actor who played a grandfather in Disney’s LGBT+ inclusive TV show Andi
Mack has been fired for trying to hook up with a 13 year old boy.

Police reports indicate that actor Stoney Westmoreland sent sexually
explicit messages to somebody who he thought was a 13 year old boy online.

Queerty reports that it is not yet known whether the account was actually
that of a real 13 year old boy, or if it was set up by police.

Westmoreland allegedly asked the boy for sex, and also asked him for nude
photos. He reportedly then sent the boy nude photos of himself.

He also reportedly sent a car via a ride sharing app to the boy so he
could be brought to his location, at which point police arrested him.

Westmoreland has been charged with four counts of dealing in materials
harmful to minors and soliciting sex from a minor.

Disney fired Stoney Westmoreland
Disney responded to the arrest by releasing a statement, in which they
announced that he had been fired from his role on Andi Mack.

“He will not be returning to work on the series.”
– Disney Statement

“Given the nature of the charges and our responsibility for the welfare of
employed minors, we have released him from his recurring role and he will
not be returning to work on the series which wraps production on its third
season next week,” the statement said.

Andi Mack has won much praise for featuring Disney’s first openly gay

The second season of Andi Mack featured a gay plotline where Cyrus
develops feelings for a classmate – before coming out.

Disney Channel was forced to pull the show from air in a number of
countries after outrage at the gay storyline.

Speaking to People, the show’s star Joshua Rush said he sometimes feels
the “pressure” of the role.

He said: “I feel the pressure, and I also don’t.

Andi Mack: A groundbreaking TV show
“I think the most important thing for me when I got this part was to do it

“I knew that I wanted to do it justice, because I knew that people were
gonna end up seeing this and being like, ‘Wow that’s me, I identify with
that [and] I can be who I am now,’ but I also wanted to make sure that
it’s not all-encompassing. Like that’s not all of Cyrus’ personality.

“We put the work in, and I think it shows.”
– Joshua Rush

He added: “It’s important that everybody gets representation and that
anybody having thoughts on who they are is able to see that represented on
TV and to be shown that’s okay.

“I think Cyrus feels different, and I think in our teenage years we all
feel different at different times, so it’s important to show anyone that
Cyrus is comfortable with who he is and is happy with who he is.

“I think this storyline is definitely going to help a lot of my peers.”

Stoney Westmoreland has had minor roles in a number of TV shows and films,
including Better Call Saul, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Scandal, Weeds and
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2018-12-26 19:28:56 UTC
An actor who played a grandfather in Disney’s LGBT+ inclusive TV show Andi
Mack has been fired for trying to hook up with a 13 year old boy.
Just history repeating itself.

If you're a Baby Boomer, you might remember Tommy Kirk, who starred in a
slew of Disney pix ("Old Yeller," etc.). He was a moneymaker for the Disney
Studios but then he suddenly disappeared, later turning up in low-budget
beach films like "Pajama Party." It seems wholesome, handsome young Tommy
was as queer as a three-dollar bill, and he was "outed" when he picked up on
a 15-year-old boy at a swimming pool and the kid's mother caught them "in
the act" and ratted him out to Uncle Walt. Disney allowed Kirk to finish
the film he was working on and then personally fired him. The news was not
made public. He finally came out of the closet in 1973, at which time he
was working as a busboy in a restaurant.

It happened: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommy_Kirk