Nicki Minaj’s Brother Got 25 Years To Life For Raping A Child
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2020-01-28 01:15:09 UTC

Page Six says that at Jelani’s sentencing today, Nassau County Supreme Court
Judge Robert McDonald shit all over him for ruining the victim’s life and gave
him 25 years to life in prison. At his sentencing, Jelani apologized, but
claimed he was innocent, and blamed the pedo-turning elixir not known as booze
for why he raped a child. Nicki wasn’t in court today, but Jelani’s lawyer read
a letter of support she wrote in 2016 where she continued to make the definition
of delusion proud by painting her pedo brother as a saint. I see that Nicki
Minaj is showing herself as the one person who watched Don’t Fuck With Cats, and
was like, “Awww, what a misunderstood gentle soul,” about Luka Magnotta.

In the letter, the rapper referred to Maraj as the “most patient, gentle,
genuine, giving selfless man I know.”

Maraj also pleaded for mercy at his sentencing, though he maintained that he was
innocent of the charges.

“I’d like to apologize for the pain that I caused. I had an excessive drinking
problem,” he said, adding that he’s “just asking for mercy from the court.”

Just days before her brother’s sentencing, PedoBear’s favorite rapper and her
convicted sex offender murderer husband got into a fight with her ex at a store
in L.A. And now we’re being reminded that she thinks her convicted child rapist
brother is a gentle man who deserved a light sentence. You know, Nicki Minaj
once said that she wants a bigger acting career. So maybe her constant defense
of sex offenders is her way of trying to get a lead role in a Roman Polanski

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2020-01-29 23:15:34 UTC
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2020-01-29 23:46:29 UTC
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How people buy her music , she is sick .. reply from
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