Kylie Jenner slammed for promoting her makeup as election results roll in
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2020-11-04 17:29:28 UTC

Kylie Jenner took to social media on election night to announce a makeup restock
— and her followers aren’t happy.

“Happy birthday sister �� the Kendall Collection restocks tomorrow
at 9am pst for the LAST TIME including signed PR kits! only on
KylieCosmetics.com ✨,” the 23-year-old beauty mogul wrote on Twitter and
Instagram Tuesday shortly before midnight, as election results rolled in and
Americans grew ever more anxious.

“Kylie we love you but not the time,” one fan responded to her tweet, while
another wrote, “GIRL read the goddamn room for once.”

“Did you really just tweet about your business???? idk if youre aware but there
is an ELECTION tonight,” another person said.

Jenner’s announcement didn’t fare much better on Instagram. “We in the middle of
an election,” one fan commented. “Kylie, there is an election going on. I think
this could’ve waited?” another said.

“Girl this ain’t the time to be promoting your brand…” yet another follower
chimed in.

The star’s latest gaffe comes after Jenner’s sister Kendall faced backlash for
throwing a mostly-maskless Halloween birthday party amid the ongoing COVID-19

Kim Kardashian was similarly slammed for whisking friends and family off to a
private island to celebrate her 40th birthday last week.

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