Nick Lachey's wife Vanessa contradicts Jessica Simpson's claim that she sent her a gift during AWKWARD interview:...
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2020-02-04 00:16:34 UTC
...'I don't even have her address!'


*Vanessa and Nick sat down with Hoda and Jenna on the Today show on Monday

*At one point Hoda tells the couple that she recently talked to Jessica

*And Kotb adds that she knows that Jessica and Nick are on good terms

*Hoda brings up that Jessica told her she received a gift from Nick and Vanessa

*Vanessa looks confused and something does not seem right but Nick smiles

*Then Vanessa goes out of her way to gain some clarification from Hoda

*Vanessa is not satisfied and clearly says that she never sent Jessica a gift

*The brunette then thanks whomever sent Simpson a gift on her behalf

*And to make it crystal clear she did not send Jessica a present, Vanessa ends
with, 'I don't even have her address!'

There was an awkward moment when Hoda Kotb interviewed Nick and Vanessa Lachey
on Monday morning.

The married couple sat down for Kotb and Jenna Bush on the Today show to talk up
their new Netflix dating show called Love Is Blind when Vanessa corrected Hoda
about a story.

The talk show host said she had interviewed Jessica Simpson recently and she
remarked that Nick and Vanessa were so nice to send the blonde a gift. Vanessa
then went out of her way to say that never happened, which stunned Kotb.

And to make it crystal clear she never sent anything to Simpson, Vanessa then
said, 'I don't even have her address!'

The exchange was very awkward and Nick looked caught in the middle.

The tense exchange began when Hoda said she interviewed Jessica recently and
added that she didn't know about her 'abuse and drinking' which the blonde
bombshell details in her new tell-all memoir Open Book.

Nick - who was married to Jessica from 2002 until 2006 - was put on the spot.

'I obviously haven't read the book, I don't know what she said,' said Nick,
clearly uncomfortable.

He then made some vague statements about how he is happy for Simpson's life -
she is now married to Eric Johnson with whom she has three children - and
Jessica is happy for his life so all is good.

Hoda then said it was sweet that they sent Jessica a gift to wish her well.

That is when the interview got very odd as Vanessa looked shocked. Vanessa
explains that she did not send a gift to Jessica and she then thanked whomever
sent a gift to Simpson on their behalf.

Hoda is uncomfortable and seems to want to move on as Nick looks like he would
rather be anywhere in the world but in the hot seat.

Vanessa then drives her point home as she says she doesn't even have Jessica's

Nick's wife was clearly not amused with Jessica telling Hoda they sent her a
gift when they didn't. And the brunette beauty shot her spouse a look that made
it obvious she was miffed.

It has not been easy for Vanessa as she lost a good friend last week, publicist
Joyce Sevilla. The two had been close for many years.

Then the conversation turned to the couple's new show Love Is Blind.

The premise is that a couple hopefully falls in love and gets engaged but they
cannot see each other's face until after the engagement. And the engagement is
not a flaky matter either: the two must wed after they get engaged.

'How in the world has this not be done before?' said Nick.

Vanessa said when she met Nick it was a lot of texting and phone calls until she
moved to LA for him so she can relate to the show.

Nick and Vanessa met on the set of his 2006 music video for What's Left Of Me.

The two split in June 2009 but got back together in October 2009 and went on to
wed in 2011. They have three children together: Phoenix, Camden and Brooklyn.

Hoda asked if these people on the show Love Is Blind have chemistry but Nick
keeps it vague, instead saying that at least they have a great 'foundation' with
their conversations.

Vanessa was then asked about being in love with Nick.

She said she fell more in love with Nick when she saw him with their kids.

When asked how their love has evolved in 14 years, he said, 'We created this
real foundation and we dated for five years before we got married... when you
really get to know someone,' he said.

Love Is Blind is on Netflix starting February 13.

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