Lord Mountbatten's daughter reveals her father faced an 'endless battle' to recover family heirlooms from Wallis Simpson...
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2019-08-26 16:10:53 UTC
...after they were 'taken by King Edward' when he went into exile


*Prince Philip's cousin Pamela Hicks, 90, recalled her childhood and royal

•The daughter of the late Lord Mountbatten spoke about her father's battles

•Said that upon his abdication the former King Edward took heirlooms into exile

•Claimed father tried to retrieve them through Edward's wife Wallis Simpson

The daughter of the late Lord Mountbatten has revealed his battle to recover
family heirlooms 'taken by the former King Edward', after he abdicated the
throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

Speaking in a podcast launched by her daughter India Hicks, 51, who is Prince
Charles' goddaughter, Pamela Hicks, 90, claimed that her father Louis, who died
in 1979, 'battled endlessly to get Wallis to return the family treasures'.

Lord Mountbatten was uncle to Prince Philip, and the second cousin once removed
of Queen Elizabeth II, whose father George VI took over the throne when Edward
abdicated. Pamela's is great-great-grandchild to the late Queen Victoria, who
reigned from 1837 to 1901.

According to Pamela, Edward, the Duke of Windsor took possessions including
'beautiful jewelled boxes' when he went into exile in France, and the family
were unable to recover them.

Speaking in the recent podcast, Pamela said: 'When the Duke of Windsor abdicated
and went into exile, he took as his private possessions some beautiful jewelled
boxes that were his father's and grandfather's. He shouldn't have grabbed those,
they had become stage things.

'My father battled endlessly to try to get Wallis to hand those back, but never
succeeded, as by that time she had descended into dementia and had a terrible
lawyer who ruled her life.'

Pamela also remembered the unusual gift brought to dinner by Wallis one day when
she was a child.

She said: 'As is an American custom to bring a gift, Wallis brought a chicken
from Fortnum and Mason, the Austrian pastry chef said: 'What am I to do with a
chicken for lunch for 20?'.

She added: 'We never could decide what she was thinking of. It was always rather
difficult to know what she was thinking of, accepting that when she relaxed and
got married she was a marvelous host.'

Speaking about Wallis, she added that she was easily bored, explaining: 'No she
wasn't fun, in fact the Duke of Windsor loved nothing more then when they were
on endless holidays like New York or Paris.

'When my father, Lord Mountbatten, rung him to say he was visiting Paris and ask
to meet up, Edward would always ask him to come when Wallis was out, or else she
was so bored'.

Pamela's aristocrat daughter India Hicks, 51, who was a bridesmaid at the
Prince's wedding to Diana and is 678th in line to the throne, was born in London
but moved to the Caribbean 23 years ago.

India, who launched a podcast this month, was raised in Lambeth, South London,
before relocating to warmer climates with long term partner David Flint Wood in
1996, and welcoming their first child a year later.

The couple share the sprawling white-washed villa - which boasts a pool and sea
views - with their sons Felix, 21, Amory, 19, Conrad, 16, and daughter Domino,
11– along with Wesley, 22, who she adopted when he was 15, after his mother - a
Bahamian waitress- sadly died.

In a 2016 interview with Business Insider, India cited her grandmother - the
last Vicereine of India Edwina Mountbatten- as her professional inspiration.

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...after they were 'taken by King Edward' when he went into exile
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