Dr. Phil honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame after more than two decades as king of daytime television...
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2020-02-22 17:03:03 UTC
...and gets a sweet kiss from his proud wife Robin
Dr. Phil received the 2,688th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday


*Dr. Phil received the 2,688th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday

*The honor was presented by country star Ronnie Dunn and Hollywood movie mogul
Tyler Perry

*Dr. Phil was surrounded by his family including Robin, his wife of more than 40

*He told DailyMail.com exclusively that he considered his star to be 'real

*He hosts daytime TV's number one show, Dr. Phil, and serves as executive
producer for Emmy winning shows The Doctors and DailyMailTV

*The Dr. Phil show debuted in 2002 and is now in its 18th season

*He has signed a deal with CBS to continue to the show until 2023

Dr. Phil has been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after more
than two decades at the top of the daytime television game.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce presented Dr. Phil McGraw with the 2,688th
star during a ceremony in Los Angeles on Friday.

Country music singer-songwriter Ronnie Dunn and Hollywood movie mogul Tyler
Perry took to the podium to present the plaque and pay tribute to the TV icon.

He was surrounded by his beloved family, including his proud wife Robin, who
planted a sweet kiss on him during the celebration.

Dr. Phil's youngest son Jordan wasn't able to attend the ceremony - the popular
musician is currently on tour in Paris with the Jonas Brothers.

His friends including actress Kathy Bates, Sheryl Underwood, Dr. Travis Stork,
Dr. Andrew Ordon and CBS television executive Carla Pennington were also in the
crowd along with many fans.

Taking to the podium, Dr. Phil first thanked his devoted wife Robin, telling the
crowd: 'She’s believed in me for 46 years. She is not just an observer she’s
such a vital part of that show.'

He went on to thank the 'O factor' - Oprah - for mentoring him over the years
and helping to move his career forward, noting: 'There would be no Dr. Phil
without Oprah.'

He also praised television producer Carla Pennington, who has been working with
him 'since the very beginning' and gave a shout out to 'the best team in

He reflected on the support he received from his mother during his formative
years, but admitted his father had his doubts.

He said: 'Dad if you’re listening and naysayers along the way I just wanna tell
you a story. I made it. End of story.'

'To everyone, else ain’t life grand.'

He ended his speech by issuing sage advice to the crowd, saying: 'Don’t miss the
journey. Star in your own life and drink it in. I am taking my own advice and I
am drinking it in.'

After the ceremony, he told DailyMail.com exclusively: 'One of the first things
I remember about Hollywood is the Walk of Fame from when I was 10 or
12-years-old. I remember seeing it in a movie from Fred Astaire or somebody.
And, us being not from Hollywood, it just is one of those things that is a real
legacy and to be part of it is really amazing. So, we had a lot of fun with it.

'You know it really reminds you of your mortality because that star will be
there long after I’m gone,' he added with a chuckle.

Robin said the ceremony was a pinnacle moment for her family, noting: 'Today
brought it all home for me. You know, we’ve been here 18 years, yes, but I felt
really at home today because he was being honored with this star. I’ve always
believed he deserved it and now I know everyone knows and believes he deserves
it. It’s just been a beautiful day for him and I am so proud of him.'

The Dr. Phil show, now in its 18th season and more than 3000 episodes in,
debuted in 2002 after his extraordinary success as an expert commentator on The
Oprah Winfrey Show.

He has signed a deal with CBS to continue the show until 2023.

He first met Winfrey in 1995 when he was working at Courtroom Sciences, Inc.,
the trial science firm which he founded. Oprah was so impressed with Dr. Phil
that she invited him on to her show as a guest expert in 1998.

Dr. Phil previously told DailyMailTV that when Oprah approached him to host his
own stand-alone series, he didn't take much convincing.

'Well you know it's funny,' he said. 'I was going by her office one day and she
said "hey dummy, come in here." She said "it's time. We need to do it."'

Oprah informed Dr. Phil that her show was getting a ton of mail for him and that
'80% of our transcripts that people order are for your shows.'

For Dr. Phil, it was a no-brainer: 'I said "put me in coach." I was ready.'

Since then the daytime series has sky-rocketed to success as the number one
daytime talk show several years running and led to several spin-offs, podcasts
and even a scripted series.

Many of those shows are produced through Stage 29 Productions, the company Dr.
Phil founded with his son Jay McGraw.

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