Pope sets out to protect the Virgin Mary from the Mafia:...
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2020-09-18 19:06:46 UTC
...Vatican looks to stop criminals exploiting religious symbols for illicit ends


*Mobsters are known to 'hijack' Catholic tradition to claim God is on their side

*Vatican launched a think-tank at an event called Liberating Mary from the Mafia

*The Pope said the image of the Madonna 'must be preserved in original purity'

Pope Francis is backing efforts to stop the Mafia from exploiting the image of
the Virgin Mary for their own criminal ends.

Mobsters are known for 'hijacking' Catholic tradition, for example by taking
part in religious processions, to win support by 'presenting themselves as
having God on their side'.

But the Vatican is trying to change that with a new think-tank, set up by its
Pontifical Marian Academy, which launched today at a conference called
Liberating Mary from the Mafia.

In a message from the Pope read out at the start of the conference, held at
Rome's Museum of Civilisations, Francis said the religious and cultural image of
the Madonna 'must be preserved in its original purity.'

The Catholic Church in Italy has long been associated with the Mafia, thanks in
part to their post-war common cause against Communism.

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project says that the use of the
Virgin Mary by gangsters is 'rampant' in Italy.

The 'Ndrangheta crime syndicate is known to use a Catholic shrine in southern
Italy to host its meetings, it says.

Elsewhere, religious processions devoted to the Virgin Mary will take detours to
salute the home of a local mafia don.

The 'Ndrangheta and other mafia groups use the trappings of Catholicism to
'teach the people that God is with them', Father Stefano Cecchin told Vatican

Some Catholic priests have courageously opposed the mob - and paid for it with
their lives.

But others have been called to explain their celebration of funerals, weddings
and other sacraments for mafia dons, acceptance of their donations and
participation in their religious processions.

Pope John Paul II demanded in 1993 that Mafiosi should convert, change their
ways or face the wrath of God's final judgment.

He made the demand on a historic visit to Sicily after the mob slayings of two
leading anti-Mafia prosecutors.

Francis has followed in that tradition, declaring that mobsters were
'excommunicated' and saying they cannot live Christian lives because their
lifestyle 'blasphemes' God.

He said any popular displays of devotion to Mary must 'conform to the message of
the Gospel and the teachings of the church,' and that people participating in
them must be true Christians who look out for others, and especially the poor.

Marian devotion is particularly important to Francis, the first ever Pope from
Latin America, where displays of such popular piety are common.

Organised crime groups in Brazil and Mexico are also known for using Catholic
symbolism to shore up support.

The new think tank includes clergymen as well as law enforcement experts
involved in the fight against organised crime.

Francis' message to the new think tank was dated August 15, a major Catholic
feast day devoted to Mary.

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2020-09-19 12:47:36 UTC
Post by Miloch
Pope John Paul II demanded in 1993 that Mafiosi should convert, change their
ways or face the wrath of God's final judgment.
Timely news.