Prince Andrew Is Still a Massive Royal Problem, Even Though He's Finally Fired
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2020-06-02 01:22:46 UTC

A little update on Prince Andrew, sidelined royal and prominent friend of
convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein: He is reportedly out of the royal
rotation for life, with the door shut, locked, and possibly bricked up, and yet
still heaping new embarrassment upon the Windsors!

In November, Andrew was forced to the sidelines of royal life, after a
disastrous BBC interview in which he tried—and spectacularly failed, thanks to
his clueless arrogance—to shut down questions about his years-long friendship
with Jeffrey Epstein and accusations by Virginia Roberts that Epstein had
trafficked her to the royal when she was 17. He was quickly booted out of the
working royal lineup and kicked out of his office at Buckingham Palace, but
apparently retained some hope that he might be able to weasel his way back in.

But now the Sunday Times says that’s not going to happen: “The monarch’s
reportedly favourite child is not expected to represent her on the public stage
again,” the paper reported, adding that “The royal family has ‘no plans to
review’ his position and the Queen is believed to be resigned to her second
son’s permanent removal from public life.”

The Times added that, “Royal sources have described Andrew as a ‘busted flush’
whose presence is now ‘toxic.’” In fact, despite his withdrawal, he is still
managing to embarrass the family. People reported that Andrew and his ex, Sarah
Ferguson, were recently sued for failing to pay off $6.2 million they owed on a
Swiss ski chalet (now $8.4 million with interest). Bad enough that he landed
back in the tabloids looking like some feckless minor 18th-century aristocrat
who can’t manage to pay his tailor. But the story snowballed to involve the
Queen, too, with the Daily Mail reporting that she’d pay off the debt, followed
by denials.

See, everyone has a talent; it’s just that Andrew’s is always managing to find
some new way to look like a complete asshole.

Alan Smithee
2020-06-10 01:00:48 UTC
And now the DOJ wants to "quiz" him, doesn't that sound non-threatening.
The palace will cover for him because if they don't... Andy will be the
next Epstein.