Royal experts blast Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's 'unsustainable' security plans as bill is set to rocket to £20m-a-year
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2020-02-25 17:53:49 UTC
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*Experts said the couple have been acting like the 'rules don't apply to them'

*Questions has arisen as to who will continue to foot their security bills

*Scotland Yard are said to be facing increasing pressure from the couple

Royal experts have criticised Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's 'unsustainable'
security plans and warned costs could 'spiral out of control' as the predicted
bill rocketed to £20million a year.

Experts claimed the couple's jet-set lifestyle and move to Canada could leave
the police unable to cope as they undertake trips to various countries in order
to establish their own brand away from the British Monarchy.

Royal author Phil Dampier told MailOnline: 'The cost of security was always
going to be a major problem for Harry and Meghan and it doesn't surprise me that
the bill seems to be going up and up.

'The travelling they do around North America is going to put an immense strain
on resources as both they and their son Archie need to be protected 24/7 and
Scotland Yard detectives will tend to work shifts of two weeks on two weeks off.

'If you add the costs of them having to travel to and from the UK for leave it
could spiral out of control and become absolutely ridiculous. So in the long
term I don't think it is sustainable.'

Taxpayers currently pay £600,000 for the Sussexes' team of royal protection
officers, with previous forecasts suggesting the bill could rise to between
£3million and £6million when they move abroad.

Mr Dampier, author of Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan in Their Own Words, said
questions were also being raised in Canada.

'Even the Canadians who are welcoming hosts are starting to query the costs to
their police force of protecting them,' he said.

'I think it's a massive headache and if they are not going to be doing duties in
the UK it's extremely hard to justify.'

Speaking to The Mirror, Dai Davies, former Met protection officer said their
situation has called for a 'complete ripping up of the rule book'.

'In their current state the plans are unworkable.

'There is already a severe lack of trained officers and this is only adding to
the Met's woes.'

Harry Meghan and their son Archie have been in different locations over the last
few months and officers are believed to be drafting new plans to double their
protection team.

They have previously been criticised for their carbon-heavy jet-set lifestyle
despite frequently flaunting their eco credentials.

In a statement last week Prince Harry and Meghan said they 'will continue to
require effective security to protect them and their son.'

They sparked fury by insisting the taxpayer should cough up 'based on the Duke's
public profile by virtue of being born a royal, his military service, the
Duchess's independent profile.'

Harry and Meghan's security bill could soar to £20 million a year, sparking
anger and a row over who will foot the bill.

Now an internal memo seen by The Mirror has revealed that there is a staffing
crisis within the team that supports the Royals and that Scotland Yard is facing
increasing demand from them.

It calculated that estimations of £3million to £6million a year were
'inadequate' and that Harry and Meghan would need at least 12 protection
officers, who earn salaries of £106,000.

It is believed to have stated that the Met has been told to deliver the
calculations to the Government and that costs could reach £20 million.

The couple still require effective security for their young family and they had
previously sparked fury after it was revealed they insisted the UK tax payer
should still splurge on their safety.

Security sources last night said that there is 'no agreement or concrete plan'
in place when it comes to who will actually fund their security team.

Labour MP Stephen Doughty said he supported the couple's choice to embark on a
more private life but added that questions over costs needed to be addressed.

His comments come as cuts have been made to local police forces up and down the
country, leaving many towns and cities struggling to police their respective

It has been estimated that costs for their security include a £5 million bill
for officers stationed at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor while the couple reside in
the UK.

They are due to officially leave the British Monarchy on March 31.

The Met said they were unable to discuss matters of protective security. The
palace has been contacted for comment.

2020-02-25 23:13:18 UTC
Why not cut that security since their are want to be royals using royal money
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