Semen on girl's pajamas 'consistent' with Minaj's brother: expert
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2017-10-30 11:06:42 UTC
A forensic expert told Long Island jurors Tuesday that semen
found on a young girl’s pajamas was “consistent” with that of
her stepfather, who is the older brother of rapper Nicki Minaj.

Expert Erika Ziemak testified that there was a “less than 1 in
348 billion chance” that the DNA found on the then-11-year-old’s
clothes belonged to someone other that Jelani Maraj, who is
accused of raping his stepdaughter multiple times in the
family’s Long Island home in 2015.

“Jelani Maraj’s DNA profile is consistent with [the stain] on
the pajama pants,” said Ziemak, who once worked in the Nassau
County Medical Examiner’s Office and is now a specialist at the
Houston Forensic Science Center.

The girl is now 13 years old.

Maraj allegedly began raping his stepdaughter as often as four
times a week after he married her mother, prosecutors say.

The victim’s 10-year-old brother bravely took the stand Monday
against his stepdad and told jurors how he accidentally walked
in on them and saw her pants “around her ankles.”

He claimed Maraj — the older brother of the “Anaconda” singer —
later found him and beat him.

The child, whose bedroom was next to his sister’s, also
testified that he would occasionally hear her door snap shut —
and then her mattress creaking.

Defense attorney David Schwartz alleges that the stomach-
churning allegations were made up by the children’s mother as
part of an attempt to extort $25 million from Minaj.

The rap star is expected to take the stand in her brother’s

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