Russia Attacked Election To Help HILLARY, According To Breaking News Trump Just Found In His Butt
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2020-05-15 16:10:51 UTC

STOP THE PRESSES! There has been new information that's now coming out, just
like "OBAMAGATE!" is now coming out and everybody knows what it is, because of
how bad it is!

Trump explained the news that has just come out in an interview with Fox News
idiot Maria Bartiromo:

TRUMP: Now it's all come out that actually, they wanted Hillary Clinton, you saw
that one came out yesterday! They wanted Hillary Clinton to win! Nobody's been
tougher on Ru-, you can speak to Putin or anybody else, nobody has been tougher
on Russia than I have. They wanted Hillary Clinton to win!

They did! The information came out yesterday, we all saw it! It was the
information, and everybody knew it, and once they knew it, nobody could deny the
information, once it came out! In the beginning was Obamagate, and it was the
biggest crime, except for the other biggest crime, which is this new
information, which just came out!

OK, so besides the obvious fact that the president's brain continues to spiral
into a bottomless sea of abject and irreparable brokenness, you might be
wondering where Trump got this squirrel turd of "information" he just spit at
the Fox News idiot.

Well, he got it from a different Fox News idiot.

That's right, Trump learned the breaking news squirrel turd of "information"
from a Fox News idiot, and he gave it to another Fox News idiot, even though she
probably already had it, because of how everybody knows it.

Here is Fox News idiot Ed Henry, appearing on Fox News show "Tucker Carlson's
(Whites Only) Neighborhood," injecting squirrel turds into the president's

In that clip Ed Henry says Ric Grenell, Trump's dipshit loyalist acting Director
of National Intelligence who revealed all the uNmAsKingssSsSSSS!!!!!!!1111! we
actually have known about since 2017, has also declassified some SUPER SEEKRIT
TOP INTELS that prove ("prove") Russia actually attacked the 2016 election out
of a deep and abiding love for Hillary Clinton:

HENRY: It turns out Obama's CIA chief John Brennan ALSO had intel saying
ACTUALLY Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win!

Because that makes sense, you betcha, that is definitely some information right
there, whoa if true, WOW WOW WOW, when you look up "the information that's just
come out" in the dictionary, this is what you find! (Along with OBAMAGATE! of

That Russia hacked and stole emails from the DNC and the Clinton campaign and
then got its little fucktoys at WikiLeaks to release it at strategic times
during the Democratic primary and general election, in order to help Hillary.

That oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin arranged a meeting with Donald Dipshit
Junior in Trump Tower in June of 2016, in the words of the email as "part of
Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump," promising dirt on Hillary to
Donald Dipshit Junior, in order to help Hillary.

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