See inside 50 Cent's massive mansion he 'forgot' he owned
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2018-01-27 02:44:24 UTC
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50 Cent has been trying to unload the his extravagant 50,000-square-foot
Connecticut mansion for years now. Will a spot on Bravo’s “Million Dollar
Listing” be the kick it needs to finally sell?

The home the “In Da Club” rapper purchased in 2003 is being filmed for a future
episode Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing,” Page Six reported Thursday. 50 Cent,
whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, placed the home on the market for
$5 million, a mere fraction of its original $18.5 million asking price.

The 19-bedroom estate’s new price might be comparable to other Connecticut
mega-mansions’, but its luxurious extras set it apart. In fact, the most
expensive home in Farmington, Conn., not only comes with typical high-end
features, like an indoor pool and basketball court, but also a recording studio,
full gym and “substantial night club.” Worried about transportation? In addition
to a garage, the 17-acre property has been approved for helicopter landings, the
home’s real estate listing says.

For such an opulent house, 50 Cent doesn’t seem to spend much time in it. When
the house was burglarized in May 2017, the performer was surprised — because he
didn’t realize he was still the owner.

“What my house got robbed,” 50 Cent reportedly wrote in a since-deleted
Instagram post. “I thought I sold that MF. LOL.”

50 Cent reportedly spent up to $10 million on updates to the home before placing
it on the market in 2007. According to The Hartford Courant, the mansion’s
mortgage, property tax and other maintenance fees cost 50 Cent $67,000 a month —
a figure that came out after the musician filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
protection in 2015.

That said, things are looking up for 50 Cent. His bankruptcy case was resolved
in 2016 and, more recently, the rapper made headlines for becoming a bitcoin
millionaire. In a since-deleted Instagram comment, Jackson said he had forgotten
about the bitcoin earnings from 2014’s Animal Ambition album, which reportedly
add up to over $7 million today.

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