'I didn't know I was supposed to be a sidekick': Michael Strahan blasts 'selfish' former co-host Kelly Ripa...
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2020-01-29 16:42:21 UTC
...but says he respects her for 'being good at her job'

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*Michael Strahan has hinted at tensions with former colleague Kelly Ripa

*In an interview with the New York Times on Monday, Strahan suggested he felt
like 'a sidekick' on Live With Kelly and Michael

*The former NFL star co-hosted with Ripa from 2012 to 2016

*He eventually left to co-host Good Morning America

*Strahan took over Live from a retiring Regis Philbin in 2012 and was himself
replaced by current co-host Ryan Seacrest

Former Live With Kelly and Michael star Michael Strahan has hinted at tensions
between himself and former co-host Kelly Ripa.

Without naming Kelly or their show explicitly, in an interview on Monday,
Strahan said he worked in previous jobs where he 'got there and realized it's
not about the team. It's selfish, and I don't operate well under that'.

'I've had jobs where I got there and felt like: Wow, I didn't know I was
supposed to be a sidekick. I thought I was coming here to be a partner,' the
football-player-turned-television-personality told the New York Times.


The former New York Giants defensive end also said he tried to heal tensions
between himself and the former soap opera star when they worked together.

'One thing I tried to do is have a meeting every few weeks with her,' he said.

'We met a few times, and that was fine. But then eventually she said she didn't
need to meet. Can't force somebody to do something they don't want to do.'

And while he openly admits the tensions, Strahan also said that he learned from

'If you look at the show, it really hasn't changed since Regis started the damn
thing. He created this formula. It's kind of a plug-and-play. You learn how to
craft a story. 'What did you do last night?', 'Oh, I had a glass of water.' But
you learn to tell the story to make it seem like the glass of water,' he said.

'Those are things that I learned from her. She's brilliant in that way. If
people think, Oh, he hates her - I don't hate her. I do respect her for what she
can do at her job. I cannot say enough about how good she is at her job.'

Strahan took over Live! from a retiring Regis Philbin in 2012, before departing
himself for Good Morning America in 2016.

But Michael was not happy with the way his exit was handled, suggesting many
believe he quit rather than being moved by the network.

'I was asked to do [GMA] by the people who run the network. It was really not a
choice. It was a request,' began the 48-year-old.

'But it was treated as if I was the guy who walked in and said, 'I'm leaving.'
That part was totally misconstrued, mishandled in every way.'

'People who should have handled it better have all apologized, but a lot of the
damage had already been done.'

Meanwhile, Ripa continued to host Live solo from 2016-2017, with Ryan Seacrest
being moved into Michael's spot in 2017.

The show was rebranded Live With Kelly and Ryan.

Ripa has been hosting Live ever since 2001, a role she won through an audition

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