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DAN BONGINO, HOST: Welcome to the special edition of “Hannity: Issues
Confronting America.”

I'm Dan Bongino, in tonight for Sean.

We start with some shocking news from the U.S. Supreme Court. Over the
last three weeks, 86-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was treated for
a malignant tumor on her pancreas.

Joining us out that more is the host of "FOX News @ Night", is also FOX
News' chief legal correspondent, Shannon Bream.

Shannon, what do you got for us?

learning more details about the health talent challenge for the Supreme
Court's oldest justice. The court announcing that she has undergone
radiation certain therapy in New York for that cancerous tumor and other
than canceling a quick summer trip, she has maintained an active schedule.
They add this, there is no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body, no
further treatment is needed at this time.

Now, this marks the fourth time that Justice Ginsburg has faced cancer.
She has previously dealt with pancreatic cancer, another instance with her
colon, and late last year, the discovery of lung cancer after she fell in
her office and broke three ribs.

This latest discovery was made because she does undergo routine blood
test, which, of course, is going to continue, along with periodic scans.
Every indication is that she is working this summer, as all the justices
do, handling emergency petitions. There was one of execution last night.
They're all gearing up for the fall term as well. Oral arguments start to
begin October 7. But the work of reading briefs and preparing for the term
starts long before that.

She has also been making public appearances. She did this just a few weeks
ago at Georgetown Law Supreme Court Institute where she talked about
serving on the nation's highest court.


political spectrum, the one thing that each of us feels deeply as we want
to lead that institution in as good a shape as we found it. We do not want
to do anything to tarnish the court's reputation because it is unique in
the world.


BREAM: At numerous points in her career, there has been pressure from the
left for Ginsburg to retire during a Democratic administration so they
would never be at the mercy of a Republican president. She has resisted
all those calls very publicly and implied it would be incredibly difficult
for even a Democratic president to get someone with her progressive
background to confirm to this court in his day and age. She has been
reliably progressive on issues from abortion to Obamacare, and it is
obviously no secret, Dan, that if her seat did open up during a Republican
in administration, any replacement would have a significant impact on the
court's makeup potentially for decades -- Dan.

BONGINO: No doubt. Thanks a lot, Shannon. Really appreciate it.

BREAMA: You bet.

BONGINO: One of the biggest issues facing America is the deep state's
rampant abuse of power in the lead up to the 2016 election. Yesterday, the
former CEO of overstock.com made some incredibly startling allegations
about Jim Comey. I saw it. Even claiming that Comey encouraged him to have
a romantic relationship with an alleged Russian spy in the lead-up to the
2016 election.

Take a look at what he told our own Martha MacCallum yesterday.


PATRICK BYRNE, FORMER OVERSTOCK CEO: A few weeks before the Republican
convention --


BYRNE: -- about the time that Trump became --

MACCALLUM: The nominee.

BYRNE: Presumptive nominee, not nominee.


BYRNE: But they came back and said, boy, did we make a mistake. Russia,
Russia, Russia -- we need to -- I want to be clear they said this. They
said the United States never, ever asked this of somebody, never asked a
citizen to conduct a romantic relationship in order to get information.
This is such a national security emergency. We need to ask you to do this.

You want to see a former director crap his pants? Pardon me, go stick a
television camera on Peter Strzok or let's just say James Comey and say
the name Patrick Byrne. You will see a former director of the FBI crap his


BONGINO: Fired FBI Director Jim Comey is calling those claims ridiculous.

And while he can't currently prove these allegations against Comey and
others, we do know that Jim Comey was were quarterly reprimanded for
lacking candor by the inspector general.

Meanwhile, his former right-hand man, Andy McCabe, was actually fired by
the FBI, get this, for lying. But get this -- the so-called facts first
network, it is funny, CNN, just hired McCabe. Clearly honesty is not
something valued by fake news CNN.

Joining us now with reaction is Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and former
U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman.

Thanks guys for joining us.

Congressman, I will go to you first. While we are on the McCabe thing, at
the end, what better way to reestablish credibility at a network that's
promoting this debunked, disgraced collusion holds for two years than to
hire one of the key figures in it who is actually under investigation for
lying? It's almost like a bad joke being played on America right now.

REP. MATT GAETZ, R-FLA.: Well, if it's facts first for CNN's model, made
it very well be indictments second because you got Andrew McCabe who was
probably the target of Mr. Durham's criminal investigation and this is a
troubling trend for CNN. They also hired Andrew Gillum and recent
reporting suggest that Andrew Gillum is also a potential target of the

So I hope that in all these contributor contracts, CNN got the rights to
"The Lockup" episodes, because I cannot wait for the lockup CNN
contributor special that is likely to come with their recent hires.

BONGINO: Maybe their ratings will be a little better. Maybe they will get
more than ten people and an airport out west watching.

Brett, I'll go to you next. This story Patrick Byrne told last night to
Martha MacCallum. I watched it live and it was really compelling. I
couldn't believe it, some of it.

But having some experience from a source about this case, the story he
tells is indicative of this entire spygate drama where it appears
government officials are pushing people into the Trump orbit to try and
fabricate or gather evidence on a collusion fairy tale that essentially
didn't exist.

Did you find Byrne incredible?

BRETT TOLMAN, FORMER U.S. ATTORNEY: Well, I know Patrick Byrne. I've known
him for years. And I spent 45 minutes on the phone with him today talking
about it.

When he indicates that he has previously worked with the FBI and provided
information, he's telling the truth. Back in 2005 and 2006, I was chief
counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee and he brought to us inside
information about manipulation I was going on in Wall Street. It turned
out that it was accurate and it was investigated and it became part of a
much larger investigation.

So my experience with him is a very fascinating because while he's
eccentric, he has been accurate historically with me and with others. And
let me tell you, Jim Comey doesn't have the moral high ground on
credibility right now.

BONGINO: Exactly.

Congressman Gaetz, you just now that. This is a quote from Andrew McCabe,
Comey's deputy, which I find tragically comical right now. When asked
about Patrick Byrne who made some -- levied some serious charges, I agree
with you, by the way, Brett, I found them to be credible, too, and also
based on some sourcing I have.

McCabe said -- McComey, talk about a Freudian slip -- McCabe that is not
simply the sort of thing that the FBI does. Well, let's go down the list
of the sort of thing the FBI did under Comey. Again, I'm talking about the
management, not the rank and file agents.

Comey they stamped unverified information. They claim they knew about
Russian sources when they interviewed Russian sources or from what I am
told her my sources in January, they found out they were entirely not
credible. They were desperate to authenticate this dossier, using sources
targeting a political campaign.

I mean, the things they did were clearly unprecedented, so that's not much
of an excuse anymore that they don't operate that way.

GAETZ: We also know that Robert Mueller wasn't going to defend this
activity when we press Robert Mueller about the strategy that the U.S.
government, the FBI seem to be using to try to take people like Joseph
Mifsud, who my colleague Jim Jordan asked about, or asked (INAUDIBLE) run
these people into the trunk orbit with the hopes that it would germinate
in some scandal.

That is precisely what the FBI was doing at this point in time and when we
ask those questions to try to get to the origin of this corrupt
investigation, you even saw Mueller unwilling to stand by that work.
That's why what Attorney General Bill Barr is doing important stuff right
now because he will uncover the extent to which there is a corrupt motive
that underpinned all of these various efforts.

I don't know if Patrick Byrne was telling the truth or not, I do know --
it seems pretty to odd to me that he had this relationship with Maria
Butina where they only met up once every six weeks. I don't know about
most relationships, but every person I ever dated, if you don't text back
in six hours, you better have an alibi and if you go six days, you better
have hospital records that you were somewhere, but apparently, he had
arrangement where he only had to show up and see Ms. Butina every six
weeks. Pretty interesting.

BONGINO: Brett, your experience as a lawyer. If Butina, Maria Butina's
lawyers, who had been is arrested, prosecuted, and has been charged, and I
believe is serving a prison sentence now, if they asked for Brady material
here and material that there was a C.I., confidential informant working
against, say Patrick Byrne was in fact an informant working for the
government, does that material have to be provided to Butina's lawyers?
Because there are some indications out there that the government wasn't
exactly so forward with Butina's lawyers.

TOLMAN: Yes, it has to be turned over and think about what Patrick is
outlining. Jim Comey says, no, it never happens this way. But I've worked
with the FBI. I worked on investigations and undercover investigations,
and when a source comes to you and says, hey, I have a relationship with
so-and-so, that seems to be a source of information I could be valuable,
does the FBI say, hey, go back and divide us information and continue to
develop that relationship? They do it all the time.

BONGINO: Congressman, we've seen this now repeatedly. The evidence is now
overwhelming. We see these people intersecting with the Trump orbit,
whether it's Joseph Mifsud, you brought up before, whether it's Stefan
Halper, Alexander Downer, people either connected to the diplomatic or the
intelligence interface here in our country or with foreign intelligence.
And it seems like each time they come up with a big donut, nothing.

And now we see another source surfacing with the same story being asked as
the alleged fire and law enforcement to approach people on this collusion
thing. I mean, what are we going to get to the bottom of this and searches
state the obvious that this looks like it was apparently some kind of a
set up?

GAETZ: It was clearly a set up and that's what I think of the Downer
investigation will prove and I think it will result in criminal
prosecution, and I think that Andrew McCabe will be one of the people that
ultimately faces charges as a consequence. But you see time and again, you
have the folks leading the deep state so unwilling to accept the will of
the voters to have Donald Trump your president that they were out trying
to cede scandals. They were out trying to stir up and set up any possible
circumstance where they could link someone with the Trump campaign even
tangentially to something related -- to something related to Russia, and
time and again, that failed.

Now you see I think the American people demanding to know why we ended up
in this circumstance in the first place, and that's why we are going to
support the attorney general's good work to put the people who started
this corrupt investigation behind bars.

BONGINO: Brett, I get this question a lot from listeners of my show. Do
you see any liabilities for the players involved in this, they called him
the three letter agency people. Whether it'd be at the CIA, at the upper
levels, or are at the FBI, Comey, McCabe, we had Baker, Strzok, do see any
legal liability for them?

I mean, it's clear there was at this point some malfeasance going on. But
there's a difference between bad behavior and illegal behavior. Do you see
any legal liability for them, may be in leaks or some kind of criminal
potential charges after Durham is done with his probe?

TOLMAN: Yes, I want to see something more than just an OPR investigation.
I'm sure you do, too. If the I.G. Horowitz, for example, releases his
report and it has recommendations for a criminal investigation, my
understanding is that Durham right now who does have a grand jury subpoena
ability is in communication with Horwitz. They do have overlapped and if
we are going to get to accountability, if you are going to hold someone
like Flynn or others accountable for their statements to the FBI, do we
not hold them -- the FBI at an even higher level of accountability?

So I hope that they will treat it seriously, that they will look at
criminal charges if they apply.

BONGINO: Congressman, there's a lot of frustration out there, you are
obviously inside up there on the Hill. I know you've been vocal about this
on the network and elsewhere speaking about it. A lot of people are
starting -- and just piggybacking on what Brett just said. It seems like
everybody in the Trump orbit who sneezed went to jail.

I mean, Mike Flynn was arrested for allegedly making false statements when
the FBI said there were no signs of deception. They're their words, not
mine, on their own 302. What is going on here? Do you feel that they are
really scarcely going to get to the bottom of this and hold them to the
same standards they held the Trump team to?

GAETZ: I have high confidence that Attorney General Barr will succeed
where Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed. The reason that we have such
delay justice is twofold. One, Jeff Sessions wasn't really in charge of
the Justice Department, so you sort of had it the inmates running the
asylum over there.

And then second, Paul Ryan, speaker of the House, wouldn't support our
efforts when we were the majority to get subpoenas and force the people
like Clapper and Brennan and other folks from the Obama White House to
answer tough questions about their involvement in these circumstances. So,
those forces together have delayed justice, but I think now, we will get
the justice we need because we have a series attorney general.

And look, I mean, only one of two things is possible. Either Patrick Byrne
is telling the truth or he's lying. If he's telling the truth, it's more
evidence of criminal scandal and if he's lying, maybe he's got a future as
a CNN contributor.

BONGINO: Yes, I mean, Brett, one last quick question for you here. There
were -- there is a paper trail here. Obviously, you having worked for the
government no there is a federal and investigator on the other side, the
investigative side of it.

There's a paper trail for everything. It you go get a paper clip coming up
to sign something. We have this woods file where McCabe, Comey, higher-ups
at the DOJ clearly said the information they had gotten from Christopher
Steele was verified according to their own procedure. There is a paper
trail there.

Can that paper trail then be used against them in some kind of proceeding
in the future to show that they were being disingenuous in front of the

TOLMAN: Yes, and the paper trail is important. And, you know, it's great
being on with Representative Gaetz. I mean, that is -- he's articulated
what is frustrating to most of us and that is not being able -- being
blocked at every turn getting the information we need.

How is it that the Democrats right now who control the House are not just
as concerned about the FISA abuse that occurred here and how are they not
digging into this because it is there a constitutional obligation?

BONGINO: It could be turned them.

TOLMAN: That's right, absolutely. So, it's imperative that we do it.

I do have a lot of confidence in the attorney general right now. He is a
man of business and he is -- he's got this in the crosshairs and I think
it's right that he does.

BONGINO: Yes. Thanks a lot, guys.

Congressman, Brett, really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

All right. Coming up next, Congresswoman Tlaib and Omar finally facing
some backlash from at least one prominent Democrat. I think it's about

Plus, we'll have the very latest on escalating tensions with China.

Stay with us. We'll be right back.


BONGINO: Welcome back to the special edition of “Hannity.”

Now, the big issue on the left is showing. No signs, no signs of slowing
down. After Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar shared a cartoon
from an artist for the history of heading spreading anti-Semitism,
prompting loud silence from the party that claims to be against hate.

Now, while Jerry Nadler tweeted condemnation of the cartoon, he couldn't
help but also attacked President Trump. Of course. Actually, of course --
actually accusing and the fueling anti-Semitism. Of course.

Reckless rhetoric from the new extreme left is nothing new. Just look at
Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is now taking aim at the
Electoral College, claiming it's all a big scam. Take a look at this.


REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ, D-N.Y.: All right, everyone, it's been a
minute. We are coming to you live from the Electoral College. Many votes
here as you can see. It's very efficient to choose leadership of the
country. I mean, I can think of any other way, can you?


BONGINO: It's unbelievable.

Now, in fact, the whole point of the Electoral College is to ensure
fairness in the political process, to ensure that everyone has a fair
voice regardless of whether they live in a big city or out in the country.

Joining me now for reaction is author of the book "Still Winning",
"Washington Times" opinion editor and FOX News contributor, Charlie Hurt.
Along with "Relatable" podcast host, Allie Beth Stuckey, and "Washington
Examiner" senior campaign reporter, Kerry Picket.

So, Charlie, I will go to you first. What I find comical about that AOC
little home-video she did there is she is a member of the House of
Representatives which is the branch of the Congress allocated by
population. She seems to have missed that whole entire thing like the
whole federalism, Electoral College, regional representation thing, right
over her head, flew right over her head completely.

CHARLIE HURT, CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, and, of course, the reason that such a
problem for us is the fact that the House of Representatives is, of
course, the closest representatives -- representation to the people. So,
for her to be ignorant on this is pretty disturbing.

But I say to her, welcome to the discussion 200 years late and, of course,
if she went back to a civics class like in elementary school and learned
about this, she would learn that the whole point of this debate and the
wisdom of our Founders was to create a system that gave states enough
power to balance out, to be a counterweight to the federal government. And
when you look around at our country today and you look at all the problems
with our government, the problems aren't in state governments usually. The
problems are with the federal government. And if anything, what we need
more of is more power given to those governments to act as a counterweight
to the federal government.

But all of that goes over her head apparently.

BONGINO: Yes, Allie, she seems to have missed the civics class with
horizontal and vertical checks on power, and how within voting for the
president we didn't base it on the popular vote, we did Electoral College
to preserve some sense of regional interest.

You know, there are farmers in Wisconsin and, as I said last night, citrus
farmers in Florida who don't want to be voted out on a strict population
direct democracy votes, and she seems to have missed that entirely, yet
she's one of the more prominent members of U.S. Congress now and one of
the biggest Twitter followers.

lot of classes apparently. Civics class, economics class, you could
probably go on.

But you're absolutely right. What I love is how transparent they are. They
talked about abolishing the Electoral College, getting rid of the Senate
because that's not fair, maybe even making the case of getting rid of the
Supreme Court and we know what the theme is in all of that. Republicans
controlled the Senate right now in the Electoral College got elected
Donald Trump and the Supreme Court has conservative justices on it.

So, we know exactly what their motive is. It's not because it's racist.
That's actually the narrative that she was pushing on her Instagram story
where she had millions of followers as well but it is actually a racist

But we know what's really behind now. It's because they want control paid
she is perfectly fine with people in L.A. and San Francisco and New York
City ruling over the rest of the country because they have the same
ideology that she does and, of course, AOC knows best.

BONGINO: You know, Carrie, what I find mildly amusing about this, almost
in kind of a tragic way, this is really not good for a Democratic Party
that is having a tough time right now attracting working-class Americans.
They are really becoming a party of the elites, the Democrats. I mean, you
see you in San Francisco. It's a totally bifurcated city right now.

And yet she goes on in the video pointing out what may be -- it could be
any push of America that's not densely populated with like the Bronx and
Queens, and she just sits there and takes a shot at it as if we are not
important enough if we're not big-time city dwellers like her.

I mean, what kind of silly political strategy is this?

Dan. Think about this. You have Joe Biden as well as a number of other
primary Democrats who are trying to pick up a number of voters all over
the country and here you have AOC who is in her car saying the Electoral
College, it is just not that fair. I mean, come on now.

We hear on these coastal states, you know, we should be getting better
representation. Now, keep in mind, this is sort of the cry of an
individual who lost the last election and you know, this isn't really
unusual. This has been going on believe it or not since 1804, nearly every
single Congress has tried to reform the Electoral College since 1804. So,
this is how a loser cries essentially.

BONGINO: Charlie, if someone like Biden who is at least pretending to be a
moderate wins the nomination after that nomination process is over. You
know, he's going to track back to the middle because there's just no votes
to win nationally for a 90 percent tax rate and health care for illegal

What does Biden do with AOC and the "Squad"? I mean, how does he handle
that? Does he distance himself? And if he does -- I don't want to answer
for you -- but if he does, how does he then get that leftist base that's
all excited about them to show up at the polls?

HURT: I think you put your finger on something that I think is the most
important strategy today and that is that coming, it's obvious that
Democrats like AOC are doing a lot to damage the party in the eyes of sort
of a general election electorate. But my goodness, I think they are
destroying their own Democratic base because there are a lot of rank and
file regular Democrat voters out there, and these are the people that you
see registered in the polls favoring Joe Biden who don't support -- these
Democrats now, they are people who don't like Donald Trump and they can
give you legitimate reasons for not liking him. Hence, they have nothing
to do with Russia or racism. They have to do with other policy positions.

And they are completely not represented by any of these loons in the
Democratic Party who are racing toward the left who give free health care
to illegal aliens, and Bill de Blasio wants to give New York City housing
to illegal aliens. There are a lot of ranking Democrats who look at that
and say this is not for me and I think Donald Trump picks up a lot of
those people become general election, but before that, in the Democratic
primary, I think it hurts the party.

BONGINO: You know, Allie, what I found puzzling about this is usually the
Democrats are a little bit smarter at hiding who they really are here.
They tried this before in elections. But we tried Mondale, not being me,
but they tried Mondale, Dukakis, this has been tried before and they
promptly got annihilated in these national elections.

It's not like there is not a body of evidence out there saying, hey,
listen, it's kind of a center is country, this stuff may be a bad idea and
yet they are walking right off the cliff again.

STUCKEY: No, they're playing to a very sector minority of Americans who
are in the far left, who wants socialism. There's, you know, a subsection
of millennials who think that all this stuff is elitist and the greatest.
And I think they're appealing to them.

Unfortunately for them, millennials don't necessarily turn out and vote as
much as they want them to, but there are actually a few Democrats in the
Democratic debate is exactly what you did that, hey, look, we are not
going to win on this platform. Donald Trump is going to win and I think
they are right.

But sadly for them, they are not listening to those more logical voices.

Kerry, quick exit question for you. Do you think Nancy Pelosi as this
election gets closer and the penalty start to become very real for
missteps, brings AOC in the Squad an end says listen, you need to tamp
this down a little bit, we've got an election to win?

PICKET: She's tried that already and, you know, frankly, I think that no
matter what Pelosi says to them, AOC and the "Squad" are going to do what
they want to do, and she's already told her own caucus, guys, no
impeachment, not right now. So, I have a feeling that's going to be a very
tough thing for her to do.

BONGINO: Yes, no, I think you're right. I think they are completely going
to endure.

Hey, thanks a lot. Charlie, Allie, Kerry, great segment. I appreciate it.

HURT: You bet.

BONGINO: President Trump is ramping up pressure on China. We'll have a
full report coming up. And the Democratic Party is descending into chaos
after a big disagreement surrounding the so-called climate crisis. We'll
explain right after the break, as this special edition of Hannity


BONGINO: Welcome back to this Hannity Special, issues confronting America.
This week, President Trump continued to challenge China's unfair trading
practices. And today, tensions were at a boiling point. Joining us now
with the very latest is our own Trace Gallagher.

Trace, what you've got for us?

clearly of the mind that short-term pain leads to long-term gain. Today,
the pain came when the markets fell more than 600 points. But the
President says the gains won't happen unless China is called out, quoting
here, "Our country has lost, stupidly, trillions of dollars with China
over many years. They have stolen our intellectual property at a rate of
hundreds of billions of dollars a year and they want to continue. I won't
let that happen."

Today, Beijing said it would impose tariffs of 5 and 10 percent on $75
billion of U.S. goods. And when the markets closed, President Trump fired
right back, raising the rates on existing and planned tariffs of Chinese
goods by 5 percent.

The President also directed U.S. companies to find alternatives to doing
business with China. And the Fed Chair, Jerome Powell, was once again in
the Presidential crosshairs after he stopped short of committing to
further interest rates cuts. But Mr. Powell also gave the President a
boost by saying the U.S. economy is doing quite well. Dan?

BONGINO: Trace, thanks a lot.

As the Democratic 2020 Presidential candidates continue fighting for the
nomination, the party is in chaos. The DNC's annual summer meeting got off
to a bit of a rough start yesterday when dozens of climate-change
activists packed into a meeting with top DNC members to demand the party
hold a primary debate focused on the climate. The DNC committee voted down
the request. And earlier tonight, the Dem front-runner, Joe Biden, made
this bizarre comment while trying to discuss the terrible political
assassinations that occurred in 1968.


JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: My two political heroes were Martin
Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. My senior semester, they were both shot and
killed. Imagine what would have happened if, God forbid, Barack Obama had
been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee. What would've
happened in America? Things changed.


BONGINO: Oh, my gosh, it never ends with this guy.

Joining us now with reactions, former Obama Economic Adviser, Austan
Goolsbee, and American Conservative Union Chair, Matt Schlapp.

Matt, I'll go to you first. He is clearly the front-runner based on the
polls in my opinion. I'm just looking at the data. And yet he just can't
seem, Joe Biden that is, to get out of his own way. I mean, is it - Matt,
you've been around politics a long time. Austan, you too. I mean, me
having worked in the Secret Service. You just don't ever - that's like the
word you just don't say. You just don't do and he doesn't seem to know

has lost his fastball. I think he's lost his screwball. He just - these
aren't gaffes anymore. He - let's all talk honestly here. He might have
had this very long and distinguished political career. He's not up for the
job of being the President of the United States. He can't get through
pretty much any speech without a major mistake.

The reason why he slipped up in this most recent speech is because he says
political heroes were Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, but he
realizes the man he needs the most to win this nomination is Barack Obama.
So, off- script, he pulls Barack Obama awkwardly back into a conversation
about assassinations. It's just not working, Dan.

BONGINO: No, it's bizarre. I mean, there are red lines you just - in
things you just don't say. Austan, I'll go to you. So we had played some
footage earlier of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and you saw that the activists
at the - the climate change activists show up at the Democratic meeting
there. With this far left lurch of the Democrat Party and all of these
grand spending plans, Austan, we're $20 trillion in debt. I mean, is this
really where they want to go with this Green New Deals for $60,000 per
household and massive tax hikes? Is this really - would the deficits even
matter anymore?

Trump is running up by far the largest deficit we have ever had--


BONGINO: Notice I didn't say--

GOOLSBEE: --recessions--


BONGINO: Austan, hold on. I did not say Donald--

GOOLSBEE: And so - so, does it matter? I don't know. Ask the President.
Does it?


BONGINO: No, no. Let me - I'm asking your - I did not - you mentioned the
President. I am not a supporter of government--

GOOLSBEE: I did. Yes.

BONGINO: George Bush ran deficits. Barack Obama ran historic deficits.
Like, I'm asking you a question. Try not to answer with Trump for a


BONGINO: I'm asking you - you're an economist.


BONGINO: I'm asking you a question.


BONGINO: I don't care if Trump did it, Bush did it, or Obama did it. If
the Democrats are going to run on spending even more money, do they
believe deficits don't matter anymore?

GOOLSBEE: OK. A, that's not what they're running on. You had 19 people
wanting to have a debate about climate change only, and it was voted down
at the DNC meeting. So there's no sense in which the premise of your
question is even accurate. The Democratic Party is not lurching far to the
left. They voted down the very thing that you're describing.

BONGINO: Austan, are you - Austan, what planet are you living on? Like,
Bizarro superman land? We--

GOOLSBEE: Guess what, Dan, you need to get out more.

BONGINO: Austan--

GOOLSBEE: The President--

BONGINO: --we have had Presidential candidates, credible one, raise their
hand supporting health care for illegals, Medicare for all. You have
Bernie Sanders supporting - and Elizabeth Warren, free education. I mean,
did you miss all of this stuff?

SCHLAPP: Packing the court.

BONGINO: Packing the Supreme--


GOOLSBEE: There were 24 candidates, Dan, and you can choose Bernie
Sanders, one proposal that three people raised their hands. The fact is,
Vice President Biden continues to be the leader; the DNC continues to put
forward a program, which in the polls has far more support than the
President has. His popularity is as low as any President in modern polling

SCHLAPP: This is not true.

GOOLSBEE: That's my point in there.

SCHLAPP: This is not true. Dan--

GOOLSBEE: --in their term.

SCHLAPP: Dan, can I jump in?

BONGINO: Yes, please.

SCHLAPP: President Trump's poll numbers, and if you look at the real clear
politics average, mimics where Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were at the
same point in their presidencies. And the fact is, the President's numbers
are probably higher than most polls show because as we all know that he
has a kind of a near universal negative media coverage by most outlets.

And as far as going to the left, this is important, Austan. First of all,
Barack Obama did double the debt in this country, and he got us on this
terrible spending binge. And the Democrats who are running for this
nomination, they want to up the ante.

I give Bernie Sanders credit. He's the only Democratic nominee to start
talking about how expensive this fantasy and this alarmism of climate
change would actually cost. He talks about decarbonizing our society,
which by the way is impossible. It will cost a lot more than 16 trillion.
But give that guy credit. At least he is willing to say, hey, this is
going to cost all of the money we have stored up in the bank to try to
solve a problem that really we can't solve.

BONGINO: And Austan, you ducked my question a bit by the deficits. I'm a
little disappointed. I got to be honest - usually answer even if it's the


GOOLSBEE: No. You didn't let me answer.

BONGINO: All right. Go ahead. Does it matter? Because the Democrats are
spending us - or proposing to spend us into an abyss. I agree with you
they're bad (ph). Does government spend money better than citizens? And if
- please explain to me who they're so smart they figured it out.

GOOLSBEE: OK. You just asked me three more questions. Do you want me to
answer the first question or these new ones?


BONGINO: The first - stick with the first one.

GOOLSBEE: OK. So the first one, if the deficits are caused by a recession,
then you've got to get out of the recession. That is what happened in the
2008, '09, '10 period, and then the deficits do not matter as much. If you
are in peacetime and not a recession, then deficits do matter. And you
don't go about reducing the deficit by proposing to cut social security
and Medicare when you simultaneously cut taxes for high-income people by
$2 trillion.

BONGINO: OK. You're wrong on both fronts.

SCHLAPP: I would like to--

BONGINO: You're wrong on - wait. Hold on here. Austan, you're wrong on
both fronts. Number one, Barack Obama's recovery from recession was the
worst in modern American history. And secondly, those programs are
actually bankrupt right now.


GOOLSBEE: He cut the deficit in half while doing.

BONGINO: Well, that's because - see, that's--

SCHLAPP: That's because he increased the deficit.

BONGINO: Yes, thank you. You're--

SCHLAPP: That's insane.

BONGINO: You're doing Al Gore math.

GOOLSBEE: No, he increased because of the recession, Dan.

SCHLAPP: Democrat deficits are OK. I get it. I get it.

GOOLSBEE: Dan, it went over $1 trillion because of the recession. Just go
look at the Congressional Budget Office.

BONGINO: Austan, if I spend--


BONGINO: --$100,000 on my credit card and then the next year, only spend
50, yes, I cut my deficit in two. That's what Obama did.

GOOLSBEE: If a recession caused it - no. The recession caused the deficit.


SCHLAPP: Let me - let me explain. Let me just explain that--


BONGINO: Go ahead, Matt. That's where you're great (ph).


SCHLAPP: The reason why the Obama - quote, air-quote - "recovery" was not
a real recovery, kind of empiric (ph) recovery is because they used
government spending to try to get out of the recession.



SCHLAPP: What Donald Trump has done differently is he's pulled back on all
of these ridiculous Obama regulations, which made us uncompetitive with
the globe that had been shedding millions of manufacturing jobs. He cut
taxes. He appointed constitutional judges that don't regulate them to--


GOOLSBEE: The growth rate hasn't been high under Trump.

SCHLAPP: --and it's working. And it's working.

GOOLSBEE: And Donald Trump tanked the stock market today.

BONGINO: it's higher than Obama's--

SCHLAPP: Not true. It's up 40 percent.


GOOLSBEE: He once said the Fed Chair--

SCHLAPP: It's up 40 percent. The stock (ph) was higher than Obama.

GOOLSBEE: --said the Fed Chair was an enemy of the state.


BONGINO: OK. All right. I got to run, but I'm not--


BONGINO: Austan--

GOOLSBEE: --you need to get out more.

BONGINO: --the Trump growth rate is higher than Obama. You know that. Come
on. All right. SCHLAPP: It's much higher.

BONGINO: Got to go, guys. Thanks a lot. Great debate.

Up next, we'll call out the rampant hypocrisy among some of the filthy
rich socialists running to be tax collector in chief. That and more as
Hannity continues right after this break.


BONGINO: Welcome back to this Hannity Special, Issues Confronting America.
The 2020 Democrats are continuing to ramp up their calls to tax the rich.
It's part of their plan of "spread the wealth around." But what about the
wrong wealth? Several Democratic candidates are multi-millionaires, yes,

For example, Elizabeth Warren, who's worth an estimated $12 million, owns
a $3 million Victorian home in Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Joe Biden has
reportedly made around $15 million since he's left office. Isn't that
nice? And don't forget what Barack Obama had to say about wealth. Take a


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT: We're not trying to push financial reform
because we begrudge success that's fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a
certain point you've made enough money.

I'm actually surprised by how much money I've got. And let me tell you
something. I don't have half as much as most of these folks or the tenth
or a hundredth. There's only so much you can eat. There's only so big a
house you can have.


BONGINO: But now, according to new reports, the Obamas are buying a multi-
million dollar estate off the coast of Martha's Vineyard, with seven
bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms. That's right.

Here for reaction to all of this hypocrisy is Arizona Congressman Andy
Biggs and Fox News Contributor Doug Schoen.

Congressman, I'll go to you first. I find this particularly infuriating
about the left. I'm proud to be a conservative because what we believe in
for us, we believe in for everybody else we believe in. It's economic
liberty, education liberty in school choice, health care liberty, health
care freedom, the right to defend yourself, but not just for us, for other
people, and we live by the code. Yet the left swears they believe in 90
percent tax rates and all this other stuff and share the wealth. And yet,
they don't live by that code at all. It's embarrassing.

REP. ANDY BIGGS, R-ARIZ.: Yes, it is. And it's blatant hypocrisy, number
one. But it's actually worse than hypocrisy because it's the cultural or
more relativism of the progressive left. And that is to say they believe
in, for instance, intolerance. We're going to tolerate everything unless
you disagree with us. And then all of a sudden, you're not part of us
anymore and so you deserve to be castigated and outcast. It's platonic
elitism. They believe that some people deserve more and are better than
others. And thus it's - to them, it's not hypocrisy.

So when you hear Biden has made $15 million since he left office, my first
thought is, you know, here's a guy who never really did anything in the
private sector, but somehow he is a multi-millionaire coming out of it,
and he's going to be critical of people who are wealthy and have earned
that wealth. Barack Obama and his wife now worth about $140 million are
the reports. They're buying a $15 million mansion. I don't begrudge people
making money.

BONGINO: Not me. Yes.

BIGGS: But you know what? Let's not be hypocritical about it and let's not
be negative about people earning money and making it in an anonymous
fashion. And if they're successful, more power to them. That's the
American way. That's the American dream.

BONGINO: Doug, obviously - I mean, I'm not a Democrat. You are. You've
been around Democrat politics for a long time. Educate me for a minute. I
mean this. I'm not being silly. I never got this. If the Democrats'
platform is giving additional money to the government, 40, 50 percent tax
rates is in net (ph) good, will improve society, then why don't groups of
Democrats in Congress, former Presidents like Obama and Biden get
together, show us their tax returns where they make voluntary donations to
the government? I mean, they're supposedly they're proving society by
giving the money to government bureaucrats. Why don't they do that? What
am I missing here?

DOUG SCHOEN, CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I can't speak for them, Dan. I can only
speak for myself as a moderate Clinton Democrat who worked to balance the
budget, reduce the debt and deficit. I believe that we also lowered the
capital gains taxes.


SCHOEN: And as a moderate Democrat, I believe you can be committed to
social compassion, social safety net, and be physically prudent, and have
lower tax rates. I can't speak for the Obama's or the Warren's, but I can
say I'm probably a capitalist and proudly a Democrat and believe there is
room for both in this country with a moderate to conservative Republican

BONGINO: Doug, I believe you 100 percent. I know you, but you're a man on
an island now, unfortunately, with these hypocrites out there.

SCHOEN: Sadly so.

BONGINO: It is sadly so. I mean, if you want to--

SCHOEN: Well, there are a lot of people like Warren--


SCHOEN: --who are anti-capitalists but have worked for corporations and
amassed millions. That doesn't make sense to me.

BONGINO: Congressman, a final word from you on this. If you want to go
back and trade for the Clinton era levels of spending - and Doug is not
lying. The Clinton era levels of spending as a percentage of GDP in
conjunction, by the way, with the Republican Congress - let's give credit
all around were it was due - I would make that trade any day of the week.
But the Democrat Party has gone so far off the deep end, Bill Clinton
would be like a conservative Republican now running for office in his
party today.

BIGGS: Yes. They are totally radicalized. I think you're right, Dan. And
Doug is right, too. I mean, President Clinton was a master at
triangulation and they managed to work together with the Republicans who
controlled the legislative branch. And they didn't have the out-of-control
spending that we saw in the Obama administration and so far, quite
frankly, in this one.

But you know what? The bottom line is, what we're seeing is a group of
people who say, "You know what, we're going to go after the rich, but
we're going to be rich. We're going to take from corporations, but
corporations are evil. We're going to protect ourselves with bodyguards
who have guns and we're going to tell you that you can't have guns. We're
going to send our kids to private schools and elite schools. We're going
to say you can't have parental choice because you're not somehow the same
elite that we are." That's the discrepancy, and that's the radicalization
of the Democrat Party today.

BONGINO: Congressman and Doug, thanks a lot. Great commentary. And you
guys are right.

SCHOEN: Thank you.

BONGINO: Total frauds. They look like total frauds when they do that.

Directly ahead on this Hannity Special, a disturbing update in the Jeffrey
Epstein case. Stay with us.


BONGINO: Welcome back to this Hannity Special, Issues Confronting America.

In a latest twist in the Jeffrey Epstein case, today, it was announced
that officials in France have opened an investigation into the scandal
surrounding Epstein. Trace Gallagher in our West Coast newsroom has the
latest. Trace.

GALLAGHER: Hey, Dan. After talking with U.S. authorities today,
prosecutors in France, as you mentioned, where Jeffrey Epstein also owned
property, opened a preliminary investigation into the scandal, including
allegations of rape, sexual assault of minors, and criminal conspiracy.

Several people in France have come forward saying they are either victims
or witnesses to sexual violence. The French model scout, Jean-Luc Brunel,
who Epstein accuser say provided young girls to the financier, is not
believed to be part of this French probe.

Meantime the President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT
says the university received about $800,000 in donations from Jeffrey
Epstein. The money went to media lab, which is an MIT elite research
center. And apparently, much of the money was accepted after Epstein pled
guilty to soliciting a minor for sex and after he was labeled a sex
offender. The MIT President has apologized for, quote, "a mistake in
judgment," saying it led to shame and distress and that the university
will try to make amends. Dan.

BONGINO: Trace, thanks a lot.

Unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. As always,
thanks a lot for being with us. We really appreciate it. If you enjoyed
tonight's show, make sure to tune in to my podcast, The Dan Bongino Show.
Sean will be back on Monday.
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Donald J. Trump, 304 electoral votes to 227, defeated compulsive liar in
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parade of the democrat party ran out of gas and got run over by a Trump

Congratulations President Trump. Thank you for cleaning up the disaster
of the Obama presidency.

The Obama-led Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)
approved Uranium One in fall 2010. With a little luck, we'll see
compulsive liar Hillary Clinton in jail before she dies.

Under Barack Obama's leadership, the United States of America became the
The World According To Garp.

Obama increased total debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion in the eight
years he was in office, and sold out heterosexuals for Hollywood queer
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