Nazis Are Violent, Must Be Eradicated. Rightwing Nazi Faggots Busted! The Cops Should Have Used Lethal Force
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2018-05-05 04:15:44 UTC
Why didn't the cops just gun down these white trash rightwing
assholes right away? Rightwing Nazis fear being martyrs to their

Accused NJ white supremacists sentenced for attack on Egyptian men

NEWARK, New Jersey (Reuters) - Two accused white supremacists were
sentenced on Wednesday to prison terms for beating two men of
Egyptian descent while shouting anti-Arab slurs at them on New
Year's Eve 2011 in central New Jersey.

The men are members of Aryan Terror Brigade and plotted the attack
during a holiday "meet and greet" party where they drank alcohol
and listened to white supremacist music, U.S. Attorney Paul
Fishman said in a statement.

U.S. District Judge Joel Pisano sentenced one of the men, Michal
Gunar, to 33 months in prison and the other, Kyle Powell, to 15
months in prison. Gunar, 29, of East Windsor, New Jersey, pleaded
guilty in April to committing a hate crime assault and conspiracy
to do so.

Powell, 24, of West Collingswood, New Jersey, pleaded guilty in
January to conspiracy to commit a hate crime assault.

The men faced up to 10 years in prison on the assault charges and
5 years on the conspiracy charges.

With a third man, Christopher Ising, 31, of Waretown, New Jersey,
they drove to an apartment complex in Sayreville intending to
randomly assault non-white individuals, the prosecutor said.

Brandishing a knife, Gunar attacked two Egyptian men, pulling one
of them from a car and punching him in the face and head, causing
injuries, Fishman said. Ising assaulted one of the victims with
brass knuckles, prosecutors said.

Two days after the attack, Powell received an ATB tattoo on his
left arm symbolizing his acceptance into the international hate
group with several hundred members, the largest concentration of
whom live in New Jersey, prosecutors said.

"This office takes extremely seriously allegations of violence,
threats and vandalism against Arab-Americans, Muslims and others
threatened because of their race, religion, nationality, sex or
orientation," U.S. Attorney spokeswoman Rebekah Carmichael said in
an emailed statement.

Powell's lawyer, Paulette Pitt, thanked the judge for the lenient

"We appreciate the thought that Judge Pisano took in imposing a
sentence that balanced the serious nature of the offense against
the mitigating factors of Kyle's comparatively minor role and his
personal background," Pitt said in an emailed statement.

Ising, a purported member of another white supremacist group, the
Atlantic City Skins, pleaded guilty in February to the same
charges as Gunar. His sentencing is scheduled for Friday.

(Editing by Barbara Goldberg and Grant McCool)
2018-05-05 16:00:32 UTC
Why didn't the cops just gun down these white trash rightwing assholes
right away? Rightwing Nazis fear being martyrs to their cause.

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